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Emotional Resilience Builder (Emotional Intelligence) Guided Meditation – Sample

welcome into this guided meditation spoken by Carla Elaine Gow and brought to you by www. this guided meditation is designed to allow
you to build your own armangue the emotional
resilient which you can call upon whenever you
feel the need for any each time you work with this journey you can increase its how where and
string by building on what you have created
earlier head there is amend power in imagination and visualizing what you wanted your unconscious mind is ever ready to
start working towards fulfilling whatever you imagine become
your reality and that means that you can be do has and create everything you believe you deserve the my invites you to make sure that you are warm and comfortable and in an say place the ready to enjoying with your arm at your side now I’m allow yourself to close your eye in and simply relax good gently but all your concerns and won’t to the side now good this his easy good because you know that the really important one will still be there in when you return now are hey I he red Hey another he ran now good and another one that’s right the more very good and as you continue to Bri even more in he Lee now the deal that your body is becoming more and more real and the and you continue the release the remaining tension with every Inc aunt feel away the relax Asian long blowing gently through your body from the top love your hair and it it the year two good from the heart love your hair and all the way down I’m who the hid love your term good washing away Amy all the remaining and Shin good washing away all the tension from every month

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