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Employee Spotlight: Laura Crouch

– Hi, I’m Laura Crouch. I am the Assistant Director
for Career Development. So I guess my primary job responsibilities would be working with students whether that’s one-on-one
or through presentations to really clarify with them what they want to do with their life which is kind of, I guess,
that age old question. So we can do different career assessments to help them figure out
what their interests are, what motivates them and then kind of talk
about how to actually put that plan into action. I was definitely that student who had no idea what I
wanted to do with my life when I was in college and I switched majors, I think the last count
was probably four times. So I started out thinking I
was gonna go into nursing, switched around several times and then I actually took on a job at a career services
office at the front desk because it was a student
position that paid and I needed money ’cause I
was a broke college student and I didn’t really know
what career services was but started working there,
fell in love with it and realized that could really be where I would take my career and take my psychology degree, which is what I ended up sticking with, and the rest is history. So when I was in, see, this is 6th grade
through 9th grade for me, I lived in Okinawa, Japan ’cause my dad was in the Air Force and so we got to live overseas which was a really awesome experience but I am still to this day convinced that the house we lived in was haunted. There were some very creepy
things that happened there that I still to this day
cannot explain (laughs). Hearing creepy little kid
sounds, laughing down the stairs. My first job was a gymnastics
and cheerleading coach and it was so much fun and I still miss that job, I mean, I got paid to basically
be in workout clothes and get exercise while
I was helping kids learn how to do their back handspring so it was a lot of fun. My favorite thing would have to be Disney even though I don’t go
as much as I would like, but it was one thing
that really was a factor in my decision process of
moving for this job at UCF ’cause I’m from the Florida panhandle. So my husband and I actually
got married there at Disney so that shows our passion and we’re looking forward
to taking our son there for his first trip now
that he’s a year old so we’re gonna take him
around the holidays. (lighthearted music)

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