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Employee Spotlight: Shauna Strickler

– Hi, I’m Shauna Strickler. I’m Assistant Director
here at Career Services. Working with students one-on-one
through career exploration, resume writing, job searching strategies, interviewing strategies. Anything to get you ready for
that life after graduation. I’m originally from Pennsylvania and I got my bachelor’s degree in history. I wanted to be a teacher, so
I continued all my education, getting a master’s in education. In order to pay for graduate school, I had to get a graduate assistantship, and I ended up getting
one in career services. Fell in love with the field, and I’ve been in career services ever since. Doing the research,
know what kind of field you’re getting into,
know what kind of company you’re going in for. Research is key when it comes to either your career exploration
or your job search. Anna Kendrick, I love
her, she’s really funny. I am a huge Buffalo Bills fan, but also I can’t forget my Atlanta Braves. (“Fun Fun Fun” by the Beach Boys)

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