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Employment Files: Jake

I actually new the people that own Leon Riley so I was with them one week and talked about the possibility of looking at having Jake come in and do some things and kind of what that would look like and how we might could get some things done Turns out they knew Jake. Jake had come here when he was in high school and volunteered a couple times so instantly the knew Jake, they loved Jake and and the wanted to do something, so they started to create part of a job for him here. He started out doing the trash which is actually a pretty big job here. There’s about 15 different areas that he has to do. From there it’s just grown and grown. He has added tasks he starts cars in the Winter. He helps wash cars in the Summer. It’s just been a really good thing. Whenever he first started here, he was just doing trash really. So he has, like I said, just come leaps and bounds. In the beginning, the big help you know was the checkoff list that we had, you know, and then just introducing to Jake. You know, not only doing the trash but once he got that down, then we added the bathroom, he had to clean the bathroom. Then, we added watering the plants, how much to water the plants, and not to do too much. And so, anytime that there was a new task or a new job that was introduced, we would contact Gerald or whoever his job coach was at the time and they would come in and help and assist him in and watch – you know – Jake. And that’s one thing about Jake, you can show him something one time and he just, he can get right to it. Jake, how has having a job changed your life? I’m making a paycheck – his paycheck. You’ve gotten to meet more people. Yep. Jake, he’s just one of the family here at Riley Ford and, I’ve watched him improve through the years and he just does his job better. He’s a good guy, without a doubt, we love him. It’s a huge difference, when I first met Jake it was really hard to get him to open up and talk. We found a few interests and cars was really what I was stuck on because it’s all I could get him to communicate about. he has purchased items that he probably wouldn’t have been able to buy, had not. Jake comes from a very supportive family who really helps him reach his goals in every way possible. But with Jake you can see the pleasure in the Independence of buying and purchasing items by himself. Which one are you gonna buy with this check? “The Wall” – The wall, that’s the car he’s gonna buy with his paycheck. I’ll say that 24/7 networking for employment specialists out there, definitely utilize it because you never know when you’re gonna make a connection.

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