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Employment Law In Ireland

hello and welcome to this video about
employment law in Ireland my name is Terry gory and I’m a solicitor principle
of Terry Gorean companies solicitors solicitors practice in kilcock in County
Kildare many employees are facing employment difficulties in the current
very difficult economic climate the reason for this is fairly simple
businesses many small businesses are on the serious economic and financial
pressure because of the poor economic vironment the difficulty of obtaining
finance and profits and cash flow and so on so maybe not employers are ignoring
employment law and they’re playing fast and loose the rules common problems
faced by many employees include unfair dismissal discrimination harassment
constructive dismissal changing terms and conditions of employment
unilaterally by the employer bullying and many other problems employees are
aware of the imbalance in power between the employer and employee insofar as all
of the strength and mice and power appears to be on the side of the
employer employees of the consequence can feel very isolated or powerless
particularly to deal with any problems that they may have in the workplace the
fear of losing your job is obviously a real one of us serious worry for for
many people who were struggling with mortgages and so on at the moment
however in Ireland there is extensive employment legislation this includes our
own indigenous employment legislation together with extensive EU imposed
directives and regulations and legislation to improve the lot of
employees and for employees in the workplace there is ease of access now to
many forms of relief for employees such as the employment
appeals tribunal the Rights Commissioner process and the quality tribunal and the
courts as a last resort if you feel that you have a case or if you feel that your
rights are being infringed you can call me for a free consultation tere ghare is
my name Oh 868 12 on 797 or you can send me a message and email on my website
business and legal da Hawaii and as I say I’ll discuss the matter with you see
if you have a case and it won’t cost you a penny so also say for your free
consultation you can call now thanks for watching this video and the very best of
luck to you

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