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– WEX stands for work experience, and where I began my work experience is with Placer County Child Advocates as a family mentor intern. I was homeless at one point, and they worked with me. I mean, I started out with
nothing, and here I am, I have an apartment, I’m able to budget my finances and pay my bills. And now I’m independent from the system, I’m no longer on, need
services from the system. So they kind of gave
me a help up, a hand up in succeeding in my passion,
what I wanted to do. – They helped me clean up my resume so I could gear it towards
the audience I was targeting, the employers I was targeting. But more so of anything, I
just, I would say they gave me the push. They just gave me, they had
good spirits and attitudes. They gave me motivation. The program where you go in and work for them doing the paperwork, that actually jump-started me. I was only in there for
a week and I found a job, because it was, it allowed me to be able
to get out and see I had talents, I had potential, there
were places that wanted me. – I’ve gotten skills, like on emailing
and computer skills, communication skills. I’ve gained skills on how to be on time and
a dependable employee. Being part of a team is the biggest thing for me. Everybody here has helped
give me support and mentoring, mentored me. – She didn’t have much when she started. And we were able to help
empower her, change her life. That drive is really what makes her probably our most valuable
employee here at Child Advocates. It’s definitely a
win-win situation for us, and I really could not imagine
doing my job without Rose. – It’s changed my life tremendously. It gave me an opportunity I never even thought that I could fulfill. – They just lit the fuse, and I took off from there. You’ll get a thousand nos
when you’re looking for a job, but all you need is one
yes to change your life, your family’s life, your kids’ life, and to actually feel worth something.

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