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Employment Success Story: Southern Border Region

(Maria) You ok, Petra? (Narrator) A gentle voice that is reassuring. (Maria) You’re safe, you’re safe. (Narrator) Care that is loving and nurturing. And that
is what Maria Adell provides to her clients. (Maria) My main thing is to give them good care. You know, help them if they need help, you
know. When she needs to be transferred to her bed, I do it. They need to be fed, you know, or they’re thirsty, or
even a foot massage, ha, ha. (Narrator) Maria does it all. Her title is Home Care
Aide. But to Petra’s family she is more than just her title. (Maria) Slowly, a small sip. Because I think they are, you know, very special. Smile, Ruth! Ha, ha! (Narrator) While Maria was studying to get her GED certificate at the East County Career Center in El Cajon, she saw a posting from First Promise Care
Services looking for a Home Care Aide. (Maria) You ok, Ruth? (Narrator) The East County Career Center, who is a partner with the San Diego Workforce Partnership and America’s Job Center of California, helped
Maria create a resume and then immediately set up a job interview with the home healthcare
agency. (Tianna) As soon as she walked in the office she had
this big bright smile. We are looking for caregivers that, um, really
have a passion to serve seniors. And that, um, really will go that extra mile to be like, you know, the light in a seniors’ world, really. (Maria) One, two, three up, up. (Narrator) The Home Care Aide job can be strenuous and emotionally draining. But Maria says she loves it, which is obvious when she talks about
her clients. (Maria) I have another client, like today, 3 to 7. It’s it’s a house, there’s two two clients in there. Really sweet clients. He likes my tacos! Ha, ha! (Narrator) home health care assistant is one of the top in-demand jobs in the region. The San Diego Workforce Partnership was there to assist First Promise Care Services with the recruiting, hiring and training of home care aides, certified nursing assistants and office support staff. In addition, the Workforce Partnership awarded
them funding to provide special leadership training for their caregivers which Maria was happy to be chosen as a participant. (Tianna) We put together this program, you know, “Empowering
Caregivers to be Leaders” so that they can take ownership of their position and a their
job and, you know, add worth to what they do and realize that. (Alexis) I hope that she keeps doing these leadership
programs because, I really, I think she hit the nail on the head. This is why I do this. (Narrator) Alexis Villanueva, a Business Partnerships
Specialist for the San Diego Workforce Partnership is proud to help businesses like First Promise
Care Services that are invested in the welfare of their senior clients, especially with the
growing number of aging seniors in our society. (Alexis) Once we’re reaching the business community and they’re on board with a lot of the programs that we are doing, we know it’s a benefit to the job seeker. We know the job seeker gets access to trainings. We know the job seeker has access to more jobs. And we know we are able to help that upward
mobility. Which is ultimately what we are trying to
do. (Narrator) Maria is determined to finish her GED, and
receive her high school equivalency certificate. (Ruth) Oh, how beautiful! (Narrator) In the meantime, her gentle voice and loving
spirit shine daily, reassuring clients like Petra, making their lives a little better. (Maria) She’s very sweet. They need us. They need people to, you know, be kind with
them, you know. Cause I’m thinking when I get old I want
somebody to be like that with me, you know.

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