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Ep. 14. PR Ethics Code Principle: Enhancing the Profession with Philip Poole, APR, Fellow PRSA

how do you feel when someone says something negative about your chosen profession as a public relations professional we all have friends and colleagues who are not in PR and you may be the only person that someone knows who does work in public relations by your everyday regular good work realize that you’re enhancing the profession for those around you most practitioners are faced with ethical consulting moments at some point in their career how you respond during a situation will say a great deal about you personally and about how you view your profession one of the important things we as public relations practitioners do is to represent our clients our products and of course our profession if we do not hold to high ethical standards as practitioners others will have a negative view of us as well as our organizational products and our profession it’s why we work to enhance the profession of public relations to determine who we are ethically PR ethics take it personally

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