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Every Hook Up In Sex Education

– Yeah, I keep telling you man. Everyone has had sex over the summer, everyone except you. (Rock Music) – I’m a virgin. – What? – Like that? (moans) (bottles falling and moans) – Like that? (hip hop music) Oh my god. – Would you like to have sex with me? – Okay. (exclaims in pain) What’s wrong? – Okay, I think we’re
about ready to start. – Would you like to have sex with me? – I’m gay. – You could pretend I’m a boy? – I don’t think – We could wank each other off? – No. No. (phone ringing) (loud upbeat music) (gentle music) (sighs) – Are you breaking up with me? – Yeah. (snores) – Good morning. – Ahhh Did we have sex? – Of course we had sex, Otis. – Warhammer Tom? (laughs) – I just sent it to one other guy because he didn’t believe
that I’d had sex with Ruby. – Is that Tom Baker? – Yep. Captain of the Warhammer Society, his balls finally dropped. – [Otis] I’m going to need both of you to make a list of everyone you’ve had recent sexual contact with, so we can find out who it really was. Then you can start telling
people it wasn’t Fiona. Martha said she only kissed Tom Baker so we can cross him off the list. So there’s only one
more name on this list. – Really? – Oh whoa, whoa whoa. J-Dog. – It was me who gave my
friend Gwen chlamydia. – Pfft. – They’re already ashamed
of sleeping with me. Apparently, I’m boring. (dramatic music) – Stop that girl. Stop. (moaning) (moaning) (table banging wall) – Otis? I think, I think I’m gonna have
to punch you in the face if you ever buy me a
birthday present again. (moaning) – I’ll get the light. (moaning) – What about this? – When I’m doing it with Jessa, everything just works. (moaning) – I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. (moaning) – I love you Lizzie. Do you love me? – No. – Baba ganoush. – Say it again. Baba – Ganoush. – I only did it ’cause I love you. And then I found out you love him. He can’t offer you what I can, Miss. – It’s not happening Kyle. Okay? (chanting) – [All] Suck, suck, suck a dick. Suck, suck, suck a dick. – So, I think I need to talk to Otis. – Problems with Kyle? – Oh no, I’m with Steve now. Do you wanna cum on my face? – Not really. – Why? – I like your face. (bed creaking) (moaning) – Do you like my tits? We have to break up. (heavy breathing) – Excuse me? I gave two and a half hand jobs to that guy I met in Butlins. – Why the half? – We got interrupted. Stupid surprise karaoke. So this, punching you in the face thing, has probably ruined our
chances of being together. – Bitch, please. Pretty boys like me are
definitely not your type. Okay? (kissing) (heavy breathing) – Sure you’re ready? – Yeah, I’m ready. (gasps) (moaning) – I’ve still got your. – We’re not poofs or anything. – Yeah I was thinking about my girlfriend. – Sorry man, I’m very sorry. I’m. – Sleeping with my mother? – Correct. (moaning from upstairs) – Oh, very sorry. This isn’t the bathroom. I’m harry, by the way. (heavy breathing) – Now I have fixed your sink. (fast tempo music) (moaning) (curious music) – Go. (upbeat rock music)

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