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Ex-CIA Officer Speaks Out: The Italian Job

65 Replies to “Ex-CIA Officer Speaks Out: The Italian Job”

  • L.O.L. Really little buddy, do you talk like that all the time? "His words set fire to stuff because they were on fire. And the two hands RIPPED him into the white van." What a boob.

  • Untuk diketahui!
    Anna masih dicurigai sebagai mata-matanya Dinas Rahasia Intel'agent MOSSAD. Anna berkewarganegaraan Indonesia.

    Anna pernah bekerja sebagai Pegawai Tata Usaha Gereja Kristen Indonesia beralamat di Jalan Tubagus Angke, blok G.G/40, Komplek Marsela, Jakarta Barat, Negara Indonesia.

    Pada bulan September 2007, Anna mengundurkan diri sebagai Pegawai Tata Usaha Gereja.

    Kepada Mr @ Hacker dipersilahkan mencariku. Anda sudah mengetahui namaku serta keberadaanku di mana. Datanglah Seorang diri kepada Anna.

    Anda Seorang Gembong Penyusup Jaringan Komunikasi. @hacker from Indonesia. Handphoneku sebagai barangbukti.

    Benarkah pendapatku bahwa Anda beserta para Hacker'mu sedang memanfaatkan alat wifi milik Kampus Bina Sarana Informatika, Cibuntu, Cibitung, Bekasi Timur, Negara Indonesia. Nama wifi-mu yakni: [email protected]

    Benarkah pendapatku bahwa Anda merasakan ketakutan jika Anna mengakses Youtube melalui paket data. Adakah yang membedakan mengakses Youtube antara melalui paket data dengan @wifi-mu.

  • USA kidnaps terrorist possibly saving Italian lives. Italy, let’s be honest – get over it. And cia just doing that they always do. Let’s get her back in the field, …illegal rendition? What a load of rubbish.

  • Imagine all the new Osama Bin Laden's the CIA is creating by torturing these people. There is a whole wave of people growing up through this and this backlash is coming back to the US. The CIA should be dismantled or at minimum highly regulated.

  • Terrorist getting torture…….Can think of far worse things that need attention.

    But still….I hope cia reforms..
    Don't hate them tho

  • Lots of luck, but as a former CIA operative she should know that her chances of clearing her name and getting the Agency to admit to anything are nill. Good luck. But as you know, the CIA will admit nothing, and deny everything…

  • The film says she's from Portugal but she's obviously Indian. I wonder if she's related to Dinesh DeSouza. Is this just a publicity stunt?

  • Okay so I see the title CIA agent tells the truth. I'm thinking great the CIA sucks and someone is going to dish some dirt. No someone is whining because they were a CIA agent and got screwed by the CIA. The CIA is corrupt. It does evil, corrupt, immoral things and she worked for them, doing evil, corrupt, immoral things. They betrayed her. I don't feel bad for her. I feel bad for the guy that got kidnapped and is probably dead because he is rightfully angry at a bunch of countries that have bombed the crap out of a bunch of countries.

  • The Se 1 a is a powerful hack group. More failure than successes. They serve the globalists. 1974 the book "The cia and the cult of intelligence " was a huge nail in their coffin. Exposing how they operate the book was the first to be fought in court by them to not be released. It was still, and though highly redacted by court order enough information was released to lay them low. It's still a conerstone of info. To this day.

  • She is now apart of our history in social change in democracy.
    Though shes hidden, it requires her educated allies to keep her alive to tell and expose what common ppl don't know. At her expense. She must learn the opposite of what she once believe would save her, wants her illuminate d.

  • Call The Crew.
    Load The Gear.
    Rendition abu omar. HARD.
    Rescue The Lovely Lady Operative.
    Head to The South Pacific.
    Fish, Surf and take The Lovely Lady Operative Skiing where ever She Wants afterward.

  • I don’t really understand the point of her story. She didn’t seem to be denying that she was involved in the team/planning of the ER, just that she didn’t actually grab him herself? Well, so what? She was still complicit in the conspiracy. Whats it got to do with the Germans? Nothing, I’m sure Ramstein is US soil. The Italians were a bit high and mighty “we are a democracy” yeah? Well what has this got to do with democracy? Nothing. People are still detained in democracies. What they should have said is that we don’t go to america and grab people off the streets, so we don’t expect them to come and do that here.

  • Are terrorist even bad people or are they just people that aren't cool with the evil greed and their countries being carpet bombed.

  • More and more everyday the United States , that’s comes off to be Aww..THE LAND OF THE FREE. Puts there self in the shoes of ac…..

  • Omg …the ONLY f*cking TERRORISTS are the West.
    911 was an INSIDE job INVOLVING Mossad, the CIA and probably the Saudis too.
    I don't think that invading the Middle East region for israhell will end well for the USA.

  • Stick it up your ass Vice, these bastards are blowing people up and killing Americans and others all over the world and you’re crying about some stupid terrorist that gets picked up. She went back on her own and she can put on her big girl panties too!

  • Gli US sono oramai diventati per bocca di tutti, uno stato canaglia! Ĺa CIA è la sua…Gestapo….il suo Mossad. Democrazia ipocrita, fasulla e soprattutto a senso unico. Finirà anche per lo zio Sam la….pacchia!…..😡

  • You worked for them, you seen how they roll, what did you think they would do. If you play with a snake dont cry when it bites you.

  • I don't understand why they shipped him to Egypt. Just a small, quiet splash into the Mediterranean is all they needed.

  • I was always told that I would be protected if I played the game. But if I was caught, or if everything fell apart, then they didn’t know me and I was on my own. So, I went no further.

  • Turkey President deems anyone that insults him personally as politically as criminal. And so now we know, why Kurds framed as terrorist.

    Odd isn't it, dissent is not recognized as asset but a liability ???

  • Her crew, her, AND the top guys should be burnt. Poor me! I thought somehow saying "I was just following orders" would absolve me of any wrongdoing!

  • Basically this is a story of the CIA undercutting the Italian Counter-terrorism Unit. The Italians got pissed and went after the CIA for the operation and the CIA gave her up as a peace offering. Got it.

  • this video make a person with common sense support america even more. it might seem horrible that the CIA tortured him but if you look at the big picture, abu omar is lucky the CIA abducted him now he is free and received 1.5 million euros. if the CIA did not interfere he would be in italian jail for the many more years considering the terrorism charges against him were serious. to a person with common sense the CIA unjust abduction is not something to worry about because all you have to do is to simply not participate in any terrorist activities. besides, if it was america's enemies such as russia, china or iran, i mean dissidents just disappear in those countries. that's why i feel assange and wikileaks is a trojan horse to make the world realize we should all support america because any person with common sense and is really aware with reality who sees the worst US atrocities in wikileaks would say, "that's it ??? thank god america is the most powerful country in the world and not russia, china or iran". i explain further in my rant –

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