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Exercise Pitch Black 18 Large Force Employment

The final two weeks of exercise pitch-black are focused on large force
employment we get a whole bunch of aircraft in the air at the same time to get them
to practice what it would be like in a real wartime situation basically for
here we do for the large force employment something different
back home we maybe we operate not so many assets but here in the large scale
operating with the different nations may be different procedures different on the
operational side the scenario at pitch black in weeks 2 & 3 is focused on all
the good guys flying out of Darwin and all the bad guys flying out of Tindal
the good guys will fly down and look to conduct some weapons release operations
and hit targets on the ground both real and simulated in a mock scenario where
we are trying to assist a neutral country just to the south of Darwin
during the day missions that we fly on average you’ll expect that they’ll
be around about 70 aircraft airborne at the one time at night time however as you
can imagine it’s a little bit harder to ensure that good deconfliction between
all aircraft out in the airspace so we reduce the numbers slightly doesn’t get
any less complex however so we’re getting good lessons both operating
during the day time and operating at night time so all of participating
nations that have come along to pitch black are going to partake in both
leading missions and also being leaders of sub units of the missions so that way
we all learn from each other through working very closely with our
international partners we’re able to make sure we know how to work together
and operate together so that if need be in the future we’ll be able to do this
in a real operation

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