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Explore UNI – Student Employment

[music] At the University of Northern
Iowa, we know that balancing your student life with your work
life is easier said than done,
so why not work where you study? On campus employment
offers the opportunity to gain
work experience at places that value
balancing work and school. You
can build your work hours around your class
schedule, and if you live on
campus, work will never be more than a short walk away.
You can’t argue with that kind
of convenience. On campus employment is more than just a
paycheck. It offers a starting
point for your career, regardless of whether or not you’re working
in your chosen field. Any work
experience is good experience. And as an on
campus employee, you’ll be
serving your peers and making a positive contribution to the
university you’ve come to call
home. Come work on campus at the University of Northern
Iowa! [music]

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