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Extinction Rebellion disrupts Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

1800 government staff were forced
to work from home today after climate change activists
glued themselves to the entrance of the Ministry of Business
Innovation and Employment. The stunt was carried out by members
of ‘Extinction Rebellion’. And as Eruera Rerekura reports Maori campaigners say
the government isn’t doing enough to save native fauna and flora
from extinction. Blocking the entrance to the Ministry of Business
Innovation and Employment. Caring for the environment
is the reason they protested. Crying, they’re crying
for the earth mother. Because extinction rebellion says
the planet is being destroyed. If she (the earth) dies
then that’s us, game over, right? We’ll all be extinct
and returning back to the spiritual home
of our ancestors, so do we want that to happen? I don’t and we the Maori people
don’t think like that. She says it’s
the Government’s fault. Their kind of economic system
isn’t good, capitalism isn’t good, they’re making money off
destroying the environment and oppressing people. That’s why climate change
is happening, and why people are oppressed. The cause is so important for them that they’re prepared
to get arrested. It’s not good for someone
to get arrested but if it’s an important thing
for them to send our message out
to the world then so be it. It’s small in comparison
to the destruction of the planet. He adds solutions can be found
within the Maori culture. We need to change our practices, we need to go back
to what our elders did to keep the planet alive firstly, secondly, if people follow that
then we stay alive. So that’s our argument. Although they blockaded some streets
in central Wellington, these women aren’t
in the slightest worried. It appears that the public
understands the reason why they’re protesting. The tide has turned, they’re paying attention
to what we’re saying, they’re looking at us like, ‘hey, you have the answer, you have the solution
to this situation.’ If we don’t look after
the environment, who will? Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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