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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ My degree is industrial hygiene, so I use equipment and I go out to work…different worksites and I look at how exposures to different chemicals or … biological agents or different hazards might affect your health. For my research, I am looking at men and women in construction and comparing the different psychosocial hazards that they might be facing, such as harassment or discrimination, I actually experienced a work-related death in the family. And it was obviously really traumatic…. And so it meant a lot to me to be able to pursue this career and help to protect working populations and help to prevent anyone else from having to go through what my family went through. I love the University of Washington! There are always just lots of opportunities for career development and A lot of the faculty members here, I was actually surprised by how invested they wanted to be in me and my own professional development… in addition to helping me find funding and guiding me to understand what type of thesis project might work best for me… It’s just been a really rewarding experience! ♪ ♪

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