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Finding a English-Speaking Job in Israel using LinkedIn – Claude Massey Employment Counseling

I promise that by the end of this video,
you’re gonna be able to find a job much faster than you would have been able to
if you did not watch this video. So the first thing you do when you go into
LinkedIn, is you’re gonna click the jobs tab at the top, and of course
that’s quite obvious to everybody. You’re going to be able to scroll down here, and
LinkedIn is going to offer you a bunch of different jobs. So once they offer you
all these different jobs, you can take a look and you’ll probably find
some great stuff there. That’ll be inside of the jobs category, but what I
want to do in this video is take you a level deeper, by teaching you how to make
your profile your LinkedIn profile more attractive. More aligned with what you’re
trying to do, and what you want to do as far as finding a job, and increasing your
probability to do so. So the first thing you want to do, is you want to start at
your own home profile. You will want to scroll down on your profile until you see the
skills and endorsements tabs, and you want to try to add some skills. You
actually have quite a few options of skills that you can add, and don’t forget
you have those skills. Look at all your work history, and anything you’ve ever
done. You have a lot of skills that you’ve accumulated before you’ve moved
to Israel, and those skills are profitable. So, you’re actually able to
have up to 50 different… yes 5-0 different skills that you possess, and I
recommend that you fill up all 50 of them. Look back in your past, look back in your history. You do have the skills and ability to fill out 50 different
skills. Just be honest with yourself when you’re doing it, and this way you’re
going to have the best profile. So, of course after you see the list of
the different jobs that you’re interested in and most importantly the
skills that they’re looking for, scroll to your skills tab area, and add your new
skills according to the jobs that you are actually looking for. Some of the
skills that you can have in there could be some of your management skills, some of your sales skills, some of your language skills, put that all in there
under your skills. This is the best tip, so that you can find a job a lot
faster, when you’re looking for one in Israel using LinkedIn!

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