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Finding a Job While Pregnant – How to Have a Job Interview While Pregnant and Showing

14 Replies to “Finding a Job While Pregnant – How to Have a Job Interview While Pregnant and Showing”

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  • My secret while I was pregnant and job hunting: After getting invited to the first interview I wrote the company (HR) an email telling them that I was pregnant and asking if that was a problem (and also implying that I was aware that not every company culture was open enough to interview a pregnant lady). I didn't want the first impression to be overshadowed by an unexpected surprise. Each and every company answered that it was no problem at all. I had a great experience and got multiple offers. Also: dress cleverly, let your personality shine and they might even forget that you are pregnant. By the way: great channel!

  • Oh wow I can only imagine how hard that must be! Great video and I’m sure super useful for many pregnant ladies (I am not one of the hehe)

  • Wow, I am honestly so surprised and feel blessed that I checked my LinkedIn today and came across your video. I am about 12 wks along and have a job offer ( waiting for background check to be fully be brought on board… have been given an intermediate privilege to start while the investigation is being processed and should be hearing from HR regarding a start date soon. Possibly start the beginning of the year).

    This is a temporary position (1yr) with the potential to extend or be brought on permanently.

    I have been scrambling my head whether or not I should reach out to the company and advise them that I just found out that I am expecting considering its is an offer for a one year position. I don't want my intentions or integrity to be questioned if I wait a bit longer ( get my foot in the door first versus feeling like I am shooting myself in the foot because they will judge me and not give me the opportunity to show them what I can do 😣)

    Thank you for creating this content. Would love to learn/hear/ read more about this subject from you.

  • I work for a big company, and in our recent training, they taught us all of the protected classes of people. I didn't know that women who are pregnant are one of them until then. Thank you for this video.

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