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Finding Her Balance | NC State Gymnast and Mathematics Education Student Hailey Mesmer ‘20

I just really love the bars.
Somebody asked me that the other day they were like why do you like bars? I don’t know I just like swinging around and everything. I just feel like I’m flying honestly. I’ve been doing gymnastics basically my whole life. It’s been going on let’s see I’m 21 now so like 19 years I’ve been doing it. I love it so much. I’ve been able to make a lot of friends meet a lot of different people over the years. The College of Education has done so
many great things for me. I have an amazing adviser. She’s helped me through a lot between finding different classes to take and balancing it with gymnastics and all of my student teaching and everything. Since I’ve had to work really hard to acquire all my gymnastics skills. I just took those qualities and used
them in student teaching and just wanted to work really hard and make sure my students learned to their maximum potential and strive to achieve their best.

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