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FINRA Customer Testimonial

[Music] being able to have face-to-face meetings and do presentations is a key part of what we do FINRA is a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority we are dedicated to protecting investors and the integrity of our securities market we wanted to make sure that we were providing a product that was super easy to use maybe look at about five different no platform and we like the sole because it fits all the security profile being a regulator we need to maintain a high security posture and with zoom we’ve been able to do that working with our information security team making sure that our customers can access the service from any device in any location we can count on it to stay up prettily there’s no downtime the maintenance the upgrades the hardware upgrades we don’t do those things anymore we don’t do patching anymore we don’t do hardware upgrades anymore the capacity that zoom gave us it’s not even imaginable into creating your own data center it’s easy for anybody to join a meeting from wherever they like device agnostic so I can pretty much choose any device you want we have 130 plus endpoints around our network of offices that can all seem lessly integrate with zoom collaboration is the key thing right what we are saying is that people either using their cell phone or they’re using their personal computers I think that it’s getting better and better we should be able to deliver a technology solution where people can work from where their water I think the zoom kind of provides that niche for us you

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