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From a Computer Engineer to Inventor & Entrepreneur – How to Build a Business

‘So, you’re going to live at 12:25’ ‘Then we’ll just have like monitoring…’ VO: As an engineer you don’t always have to
just be sitting behind a desk coding or developing how these different circles
talk to each other You can be doing all sorts of different jobs, from sales to business. But you need an understanding how this stuff works in
order to make your business successful Hi, my name is Gordon Daily, I’m the president here at BoxCast. BoxCast is a live video streaming company that makes it so doggone easy to video stream. Just connect any video source of this little box. We
handle the rest so that anybody can watch anywhere in the world One of the best things about being an
engineer, or at least studying to be an engineer is that after you get your degree
you can go on to do almost anything. There’s a thought that engineers…
all they do is sit and do super technical things. We sit behind a desk all day. They don’t do
other things like run businesses and sell things in marketing and all the
rest. I’m a classic case of all the rest because I don’t actually do any of the design. I think about it… make business decisions and work with a team… but
a classic computer engineer understands and develops actual hardware that
runs a computer. A typical day now for me is – to be quite honest – pretty unpredictable. Because I don’t know exactly what kind of meetings I’m heading into because they change so fast. Sometimes it’s selling the product –
sometimes its hiring new people and sometimes it’s spending time with
investors to tell them why they need to put money into BoxCast to buy a little
bit of ownership – so that we can become a better and greater company. When we first started to develop BoxCast We all had day jobs – did a good job working hard at
those jobs but after work we would moonlight – trying to pull a different pieces together. ThinkBox was perfect for us because it allowed us to develop early prototypes How the form factor with work. We had circuit boards
we had to make them fit inside of enclosures. So we went down there after hours and used their 3d printing machines to develop how it would come together and
be manufactured. In addition to just getting help from ThinkBox – there is an amazing community in Cleveland and in the Case Western Reserve community to assist entrepreneurs getting started. We certainly benefited from a lot of different programs. The Brittany Morgan Foundations supports the mentorship program at Jumpstart Jumpstart was one of the one of the big helps we had early on. That mentorship program made a
world of difference for us because it helped us get the confidence to do the
things that was necessary and take a leap of faith to go let our dreams happen

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