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From Dorm Room to Board Room – An Entrepreneur Story

Let me just go ahead and show you how EveryKey works for a second. So you can see here on my phone that it says EveryKey is out of range right now and if i try to login with the wrong password obviously it’s not going to let me in and what i would do is i would just turn it on at the start of my day and leave it on throughout the day and now you can see that EveryKey is in range so we can swipe to unlock without a passcode and now we’re into the phone you know this is a main device right here but you can also put on key ring like so or you can even wear every kid’s wristband like this. Hi I’m Chris Wentz the CEO and co-founder of EveryKey. This is EveryKey, it’s a bluetooth device that replaces my keys and passwords. When this device is on my person and I’m close to my phone my laptop or any other device that’s locked by key or password. EveryKey unlocks that device and then locks it back down when I walk away. So when we come in here we’re entering in the business development area of the office. We’ve got sort of two sides to this room right here. When you’re an entrepreneur there really is no such thing as a typical day you kind of are working on whatever the current needs of the company… could be preparing for manufacturing run, I could be helping with some of the software development and user interface related work. So we started EveryKey a few years ago it was originally just an idea in an entrepreneurship class and we didn’t think it was going to be much more than just an idea. We presented the idea at the end of the entrepreneurship class in the final presentation and the professor loved the idea so much that he came up to us and shook our hands and said guys you should pursue this as a real company. In fact i’d like to invest my own money to get this off the ground and that’s when we saw that holy cow this could be a lot more than just a class project this could actually be a real business someday. The engineering side of the office, a few whiteboard walls and stuff over here for people to share their ideas and we got a magnetic wall as well so people can come up with all the different features that we want to add to EveryKey. I think my biggest piece of advice for somebody who’s wanting to start their own company is to never give up. There are probably about 10 to 20 times that i can point to where I felt like EveryKey was about to go out of business where things just seem very bleak and we were very down and you know funding was drying up and things just seem very you know, negative. But the fact that we continued to go and continued to grind and just never gave up. It’s sort of what brought us to where we are today and don’t get me wrong I mean entrepreneurship it’s a rollercoaster it’s full of ups and downs and the highs are the best highs you’ll ever get I mean it’s so much fun when things go right with your startup and you just feel like you’re absolutely on top of the world but that’s also matched with some very low lows and if you continue to you know just keep going that will do leaps and bounds for your company.

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