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Full Horn: There’s Value In Challenging President Donald Trump In New Hampshire | MTP Daily | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Full Horn: There’s Value In Challenging President Donald Trump In New Hampshire | MTP Daily | MSNBC”

  • Why the fear of This Orangeman,, no matter what he does, says,, or portrays,, it's totally ending up swept under the carpet, if this were any other President,, they would have been gone.??? The Hatred, Racism,Cruelty and lack of Knowledge alone, is Criminal. Never thought I would ever live to witness anything from any Representative from the USA. My hours asleep are the best part of a day in this horrific time.

  • Entire World,if you are listening, please dis-invite this AHOTUS. This POS does not represent most of the USA.We pray to return to sanity very soon

  • The dems will screw this up by doing with Biden what they did with Clinton. Screwing Bernie and progressives over will guarantee a second Trump term.

  • Democrats were elected in 2018 to put controls on trump and hold him to consequences. And they have done nothing. They’re not much better than the do nothing Republicans.

  • More and more the American Peoples and VOTERS realize how bad and criminal is the Republican Party in his dealings with trump and the NRA. The GOP will loose very badly in 2020 and it will be finally destroy for yers to come and that is an EXCELLENT THING.

  • Trump was chosen to expose what many people in the USA have known but many people denied, now it’s clearly in your face. Obama could not do what Trump does because he is Black. Trump got elected as reaction to the 1st Black President and his original base is Birthers. Racism was downplayed with Obama instead of being called out and now the racist feel like they have their man with Trump so they have come out the cracks. The other non racist Republicans who should or could say something but don’t because of fear, money and power are exposed as weak and more about politics than principal.

  • If no viable Republicans will stand and as primary challenger now who will have a leg to stand on going into 2024? What saved the republican party after Watergate (besides the southern strategy) was Reagan's legit primary run against Ford.

  • If you did not like Trump in the 1980s, why would you want him for potus? More people agree he's illiterate and nuts, but they are afraid to criticize someone who claims to be an R. My beef is that they are allowing him to get away with stuff that we routinely excoriate Dems for. Trump has made it clear — he's a supremacist and not America First as advertised. Does this mean we are controlled by a foreign country?

  • The 'affront' was not to the Jewish people, the affront was to Americans who don't think we are supposed to have a first loyalty to some foreign terrorist country that funds our president! He needs to drop the Saudis too! They are terrorists!

  • Americans!! You have to get rid of the electoral college ! It is an undemocratic institution! For the election of the president you should have only one man-one vote!! You already have the Congress where the weight of each State/District is properly handled!

  • I do not know how you feel but I hope I will wake up one not to distsnat morning and TRUMP is NOT on the News. Most people had enough of the insanity.

  • GOP has always been a fraud & deceptive party. So i am not surprised a fraudulent & deceptive Trump infiltrated the party. For the GOP, it is about money & power for their wealthy cronies, screw the working poor! GOP deceptive philosophy is Trump's playbook….smh!

  • Democrats will do nothing other than hate on President Trump all the way to the election, then they will lose the election. Then they'll cry and wonder what happened.

  • "Can you imagine if Ilhan had spoken this way?"
    She did, when she questioned the loyalties of dual American/Israeli citizens.
    Which does not excuse trump's disloyalty to the Constitution.

  • You know how disappointed I am that you Democrat shills are disappointed w/Trump … be silent for a second and see if you can hear the sound of my uncontrollable laughter , lol …

  • Republicans just to say that Obama was the Democrat messiah, when nobody ever claimed it. Their projection game is too strong. The only thing stronger is their lack of self-awareness.

  • Why would all the Democrats and republicans just walk through saying the minimum to keep up appearances. Maybe they know they never have to worry about re-election. Maybe they know something we don't know. "The Chosen One". Puitn has been "elected" either President or Prime Minister for decades. The American people have no idea the terrible things that have been done to the government, the constitution, the courts, the legislatures in the last 50 years. Laws are words on paper. They can and have been changed without the know;edge or notification of the people. trump is de facto the dictator, and after he legally declares MARTIAL LAW, he will be dictator for life, although he may be called President or Prime Minister. He has also militarized the police. Officer Friendly doesn't work here anymore. People are not afraid for their career or for votes, they are afraid for their lives. Like Epstein.

  • "Republican Leaders" lol they do not exist any more. Republican Party is dead now…how can they bounce back from this dumpster fire THEY started!

  • Republicans know their political careers are over once T-rump is out of office , so they keep their heads down, collect their 480 bucks everyday and try not to rouse the orange menace. The public means nothing to them. Yes men to guns and tax breaks.

  • Anyone familiar with C-Street–the Fellowship? They cater to the "chosen" politicians and many Senators are/were members. They will support each other regardless of "sins," which could explain why the senate is being so quiet about Trump's antics. Their first loyalty is not to the United States.

  • that lady former gop, it's delusional, yes trump electorate are deplorable's that like he's dictatorial efforts, republicunts are garbage that put party and power over country

  • This guy shoots from the hip, he is running this country the same way he ran his business and after a number of bankruptcies he still don't get it, except that this one is going to cost our country, lives, and billions it will take another century to re-do what he has undone in a few years!

  • It's disturbing that he's been allowed to remain in the White house this long. His mental state is deteriorating rapidly and he's making decisions that affect the entire world. Republican leaders need to end this insanity.

  • dt represents that awful father figure who's loud, obnoxious and doesn't care about anything you do. And you spend your life trying to please them. Reps are those little kids who want to please their father. dt is that Sick father

  • No, the people did not choose this. The people did not vote for this. The Electoral College voted for this instead. Please do not repeat that the people voted for this bull crap I've had enough of listening to you say that.

  • It’s sad that we stoop so low to report trump’s trash talk. That’s the fake news trump rant on that reporting trump’s trash talk. Vicious cycle.

  • Well the thing is: polling amongst republicans give him 85% and 90% approval. that is why no one will run against him or come out against him.

  • our future presidents , trump has shown them they have the ok from the people to do anything they could dream-up.our county will bow down to there petty whims. our country is never going to be run under ethical or honest people. not that it wasn't being run honesty in the past, but trump has shown them new lows in what they can pull over on us.

  • The real value is challenging Obama ! FISA declassification will expose the greatest act of treason in America’s history by the Obama administration and players are going to jail or worse as the punishment for treason is now death !

  • If anybody else stood up and announced that he was the chosen one, he would be put in a mental hospital and diagnosed schizophrenic. He needs to be on medication and observed for a while to make sure he isn't dangerous. Keep him away from the red button.

  • I recently got into a prolonged discussion on YouTube because I said I supported Pete Buttigieg. One of the main complaints was Mayor Pete was a robot, or that he was boring. This is the world Trump created and we now live in where a smart, calm and deliberate speaking candidate is too boring to be president…Just sayin'

  • Trump is the face of a Republican party that has stopped pretending to be nice, to be respectable, to care about the poor or minorities, to be anything other than a White Power party that is only to happy to redistribute wealth and power to the rich at the expense of everyone else.

  • I am a Republican but today … i can say …. I AM DONE !!! NOBODY in Congress is a Leader today. All of them SCARED of don.

  • Call in the SWOT Team. Straight-jacket him, and put him in confinement at Belview. Our Gov't needs to enact and implement screening measures applicable to all future Presidential Candidates, as this isn't 1797. Everyone is talking, but no one is surveying the public (other than the Democrats). If some won't risk their seats, let's not risk nuclear detonation. We want our leaders to stand tall. NO ONE CAN TAME A MALIGNANT PSYCHOPATH.

  • their careers mattering that much would be the most normal driving force of Republicans defending and supporting Trump. Any other reason is too horrible to think of.

  • You're right about the way we are doing things now not working. So what are we going to do about it? Maybe a march to the WH– a march bigger than any march in the history of the world. Our chant can be "Step Down donnie!"

    – How do we go about getting him blocked off of all social media platforms? He's for-sure violated all TOS regulations, right? Can we slow him down that way? Likely not, but the resulting meltdown might provide some entertainment value.

    – Covering the President has always played a big part toward keeping the Prez honest…. until this toad. There is no keeping this guy honest and there are no consequences for anything he does.

    What if news organizations still kept a skeleton crew to record happenings, but gave zero airtime to the stuff donnie says and does? Seriously, he only spews lies and misdirection and he does no actual work. We know that everything he says will be taken back/undone within hours, so what's the point anymore?

    – What IS that hardcore sniffing about, anyway? So so nasty.

    – In a recent MSNBC clip, there was an extreme closeup of donnie's face, which was covered in bumps… the kind that look like pre-pimples. The kind of thing that happens to unwashed skin. (Sorry Miz Obama, I had to go low. These are desperate times, don'tcha know).


  • 7:55 "We cannot go silently into the night…We cannot allow history to look back and see there were NO Republicans willing to stand and speak out and be heard." What is she talking about? You have Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and Justin Amash. They may be few but these people count and are bright points in US political history now, so she isn't accurate.

  • He is a buffoon. Why the press continues to report his lame jokes and trolling in such a dire, serious manner is beyond me. Report a lame unintelligent joke as such!

  • Its SO nice not to be confused when the head of your country speaks. When our PM says Greenland is not for sale and the proposal is "Absurd", I know she is to be taken BOTH literally AND seriously… on an even more serious note….Good friends tell good friends when their house is on fire. Dear American people: YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!!
    Strayjacket or Guantanamo for treason. Please choose fast. The only one laughing ATM is Putin!

  • Ms. Horn is absolutely right. All the Republicans have to do is band together and denounce this President for what he is. Why don't they? They must agree with him. No other explanation.

  • Ahhh….the educated host. They man with the extencive education that will inform you on world events. This man is a joke. Mrs Hunt is a scared women looking for a safe haven. She will echo everything that makes her feel safe. The rest of them are just people looking to make a buck.

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