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FVTC Job Search Tips: Employability Essentials

– Hi, Sarah Rivet here, from Fox Valley Technical College. I work as an employment instructor
in Employment Connections Today we’re going to talk about
the employability essentials These skills are, according to employers, crucial for your success in the workplace. The first employability
essential is adapting to change. It’s learning how to
anticipate those changes and positively respond to them. The second employability essential is think critically and creatively. This is your problem solving ability. In your ways to look at
problems in the workplace and find solutions to those problems. The third is work collaboratively. This is your opportunity to
work with your team members and respond appropriately
to them in all situations; which goes into communicate
effectively and respectfully. This is your ability to have both verbal and written communication skills. And act responsibly, our
final employability essential. And this is having that integrity and applying those ethical
standards to both your personal and professional life. To learn more about the
employability essentials, please visit our website.

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