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Gelecekte hangi mesleği seçmeliyim?

Do you know what is one of the most common questions I fear? You know, when you go to the barber or take a taxi one of the questions that asked to warm the environment “Dude, which business are you dealing with?” “I often preposterous.” I want say this from inside. Of course I’m not saying that. The correct answer to this question is now
for me is saying “I’m a youtuber” . But I’m not sure if this is understandable. That’s why I intend to tell the job that I worked 3 years ago. “I am a founder of a multidisciplinary digital media agency and a creativity director. ” which I do not say. Also the job I worked 5 years ago is not mean nothing anyway “I am a technology evangelist in a international company that produces software design” So I want to go back to the strategies that I used 10 years ago. At that time, the common feature of my works is dealing with “computer”, so when I faced with a question like
“What do you do, what is your profession?” I was only say “I am a computerist” to the conversation. Of course, this time also you need to be prepared to question 2. “Brother, our niece recently plug a CD to the computer without asking me, so it has several viruses now and when Everytime I open it It is starting to fill up so many junk pop-ups I am ashemed in front of people,how do we clean it? ” Of course, certainly that the virus has infected by niece You didn’t do anything, sure. Anyway, “I’m not one of that computer professionals you know!” the struggle is that this time. “Hey man!” “Oh! What’s up, guys?” Here I am, all my identification efforts in this profession Standing fluttering to not drowning, person in front of me, perhaps the idea would be a lifeline, me, “Brother, you graduated from, especially when it tells me” he asked, in full cow’s tail out there breaking work (A Turkish saying) leaving me in the middle of the ocean and uncertainties. “I graduated from law school” in the face of the answer, The person in front of me staring at me so dull dull then to get the opacity, what say? “E 20 years ago, when I was at university YouTube Faculty that there was no such thing. ” “The gravitational force of all mass, In overcoming each individual atom, and crumbling inward so well. ” If the star is large enough, Continuing this fall It will create a black hole. ” World is changing rapidly friends Our country did not even have the internet when I started university Though, it is still said to be so cut off so often so we cant say it still has completely. Do you know what we will say in the future? When we went to a barber or a taxi ride, “20 years ago barbers were humans.” or, “20 years ago, the taxi would not go himself. people would use it. ” we tell them robots with artificial intelligence barber or taxi, wont be surprised at what we tell you them. It is more dramatic arrived? Then I would go even further, You’re getting the training right now, or in the past the school you graduated will remain much the more important. “In the future schools or occupations will end” I’m not trying to say. Traditional definitions and functions will change. by futuristic Kevin Kelly, currently the world by generating artificial intelligence we are doing an second industrial revolution. In the first industrial revolution,do you know what we used instead of artificial intelligence? Artificial power. At that time, almost everything, or people with muscle power, or it was produced using animals. There is no such animal. Then, it was the industrial revolution, and we’ve invented an artificial power sources. We’ve power by using things like steam power and fossil fuels. When we get in our car also turned on the ignition, ready to find our disposal the power of 100 hp now it does not surprise us too much. On the contrary, we cooperate with this artificial power. using the machines we are building the factorys,cities Making roads Now its turn for artificial intelligence. In the future it will spread in the same way. It will be ready for everyones orders. the 100-horsepower car, will be equipped with 100 different types of artificial intelligence. Once a time we saw the electrically charged clouds And we start using electricity, how has become an integral part of our lives? That will spread in the same way as artificial intelligence. This time, we will spread it to the clouds We will use the Cloud Service and distributes artificial intelligence. So which should I choose future profession? The question is, if we lived during the first industrial revolution and we ask to ourselves How do we give an answer? Or, how we should give an answer? a profession compatible with the machine. From now until about 100 years ago, If we ourselves choose a new profession We wanted to establish a new business Like people’s transportation problems we want to produce a solution, what would we do? “Of course, for faster and more comfortable transportation, We invent a full 100 chariot. ” the descendants of people who give this sort of the answers, H”orse carriage drivers” they are continuing to pursue the profession. Not get me wrong, of course, it is also a profession but a business area that Unfortunately, not too much. As a result the population of the islands in particular. At 100 instead of 100 in the carriage idea 100 horsepower engine put our mind While others produced by Henry Ford’s car and her grandson Today, everyone uses all over the world. In the future it will remain valid We want to do a job? Today, we must add that formula in mind 100; Artificial intelligence. There are things that you see around you and find a way to set them akıllandır mania. Instead of using muscle power to draw water from the well somehow taking advantage invented the electric pump from the electrical power, Add a side of the intelligence you at this time that electricity and make intelligent pump. Now you have a good and a bad news. First the bad news: There is something that is not enough to add the adjective intelligent. just smart speaking of the bus tickets, Suddenly, miraculously, it does not own artificial intelligence. On this subject, so I really need to work on artificial intelligence, to expend effort and you need to specialize. to win this expertise Do not expect something to go to university faculties of artificial intelligence, yet he did not open sections. YouTube burst open after school. If you go to which section or wherever you graduated from what part, Teach yourself to learn. Lifelong learning. Let’s talk about the good news: 20 years later, everyone’s world, almost everyone Use something that will be invented. This thing, the smart thing would be reinforced with artificial intelligence and her, does not know what that thing is that no one in the world. Who knows, the person who will do it maybe you are going to be. You do not know yourself yet. And, Continuous learning by applying what they have learned in life You invent something that will reveal new professions in the future. And the name of that new professions will emerge in the future, It has not yet been set. Art/Design/Technology

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