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Getting Started: Job Search Skills – Professional Development 101

Welcome to the first unit of’s job search skills, unit one. This initial video
is Saylor’s way of saying hi and letting
you know that we applaud and encourage your
decision to make positive changes in your life. This course is the first
in a series of four courses under the job search umbrella. These courses will
present a variety of topics that will help you
in preparing for and landing a job for yourself,
including resume writing, interviewing skills, and
professional etiquette. This job search
skills course will begin by introducing you to
some self-assessment tools that will help you determine
your personality type and the work environments that
are compatible with your type. In unit two, you will
explore resources to help you create a game
plan for your job search. Finally, but equally
as important, unit three brings
you to online sites to learn how to recognize
and manage your stress during this time of change. In this unit, our
getting started unit, you will learn that you need to
explore your values, interests, and abilities before you design
an effective job search plan. For example, by taking
the Jung Typology Test, you’ll learn more about
your personality type, your lifestyle in general,
and your style relating to areas such as business,
love, education, communications, and conflicts. You’ll continue to learn more
about your personality type, as well as the work
environments that are compatible with your type,
by taking John Holland’s quiz. This information
will help you to make productive and effective
career decisions. As is the case with all
units in this course, each resource in
unit one contains links to allow you to pursue
more in-depth information on any items of interest. In order to provide sufficient
information and avenues to learn about yourself and
which type of jobs or careers may be best for you,
we have necessarily explored only the
tip of the iceberg. Please feel free to
follow any embedded links in these readings to obtain more
detailed information on a given subject. We hope you enjoy taking the
journey through the process of self-assessment, creating a
successful job search strategy, and learning how to maintain
a healthy, stress-free mind throughout the process. I’ll see you again at
the outset of unit two.

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