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Hampton City Schools – October 12, 2016 – CTE programs

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Hampton City Schools Career and Technical Education Programs provide the basic building blocks for up-to-date career exploration
and career goal setting. Students learn teamwork,
critical thinking skills, decision-making skills and leadership in dynamic high tech classes
designed to model business and industry standards. Students can apply what they’ve
learned in other courses with hands-on learning in CTE. Through the Business and
Information Technology Programs, students are provided
opportunities to explore a variety of careers and
learn skills and concepts in the areas of keyboarding
and word processing, computer applications and solutions, entrepreneurship, principles
of business and marketing, economics and personal finance. Students can learn computer programming and information technology
for exciting careers in the digital field. Students can even spend time working in the student run credit union. Health and Medical Science Programs prepare students for
careers and disciplines related to medicine, nursing, dentistry and other health occupations programs through therapeutic,
diagnostic, rehabilitative, managerial and supportive services. These courses prepare
students with basic skills for employment in nursing homes, clinics, medical and dental offices, hospitals, homes, certain public health settings and facilitate entry into advanced health occupations programs. – I wanna be in the medical fields as an anesthesiologist. After I was in this class, I really liked seeing different stuff and how stuff affects the body and how everything works. – [Narrator] Students
can learn about robotics, constructions, video and media production, aerospace and information technology through Technology and
Engineering Education Programs. Syms Middle School won a $100,000 grant in the Fab School Labs Contest through Northrop Grumman Foundation. Connor Dunn, the
technology teacher at Sims has transformed his classroom
into a state of the art learning lab for his students. – I like taking robotics type classes because they’re really hands-on and you always get to learn
something that will work in the real world and you’re
always learning something new no matter what you do. Some classes I really liked
taking were digital electronics, robotics one, robotics two and some other classes that we had. – [Narrator] Family and
Consumer Science Programs facilitates student progress toward a set of unifying goals in the
area of academic achievement, cultural and environmental issues, health and safety, individual
and family relations, leadership and workplace ethics, and application of technology. Marketing programs prepare students for the critical business functions related to directing the
flow of products and services from the producer all
the way to the consumer. Students leave marketing
programs with knowledge and highly transferable skills such as leadership,
communication and problem solving by creating business and marketing plans for their own future endeavors. JROTC Progams in Air Force,
Navy, Marines and Army focus on character
development and citizenship. Leadership development is emphasized in the effort to develop
informed citizens, strengthening character
by teaching of discipline and developing the understanding
of the responsibilities of citizenship. Hampton City Schools has many more career and technical education programs
featured on its website. Make sure you check out all of them before picking a pathway.

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