Greatra Mayana

Career & Employment Opportunities


(upbeat music) – Today started our
summer employment program. The program takes
kids and students who are age 15 through
18 and we provide a summer employment
position for them here at the Sheriff’s Office. The kids come here and they’re getting
various work experience. When they’re here at the office, they’re working at
various locations. We have some kids who are
working at our district office so that they can see what
goes on at the district office at the front desk with
interacting with some of the deputies
there at the office. We started this program,
like I said, six years ago to help the youth in the
community have some place to work over the summer, to
maybe get some extra cash whether it be in their
pocket to buy school clothes for the next year, some
of them use it to save for college, and
some of them even use to contribute to
their household.

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