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Health and Social Care job profile: Nursing Assistant

My names Lauren McNabb and I’m a nursing
assistant. So I left school and I got a job as a care assistant in the
community while studying health and social care. I then moved onto the
nursing home where I gained more valuable skills, which enabled me to
progress on to a nursing assistant role in the trust. I work on a medical
ward where we have a range of patients with complex needs. The day can be very
demanding but it’s also very rewarding. So we create a safe environment for our
patients on the ward, we work alongside nurses and doctors to provide a high
standard of care, we provide meals on the ward for our patients, we assist those
who are unable to feed themselves we provide personal care and assist for
toileting, we check patients observations and blood sugars and report
any changes to the staff nurse. It is very important to be organised on the
ward you need to have really good communication skills to be able to
create a high standard of care for your patients, you need to be kind, caring and
compassionate. Everybody in the trust is working towards the same
goal and it’s important that we work as part of the team. So whenever I’m in work
it’s very important that I remember and treat patients how I’d want my family to
be treated. You have helped people, you can go home knowing that you’ve done your
best. My communication skills have really improved it has built my confidence on
the ward and built my confidence as a person. If you’re looking for a rewarding
career and the chance to give something back this might be the role for you.

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