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Health Occupations Aptitude Exam

The PSBPN Exam, which is also called the Health
Occupations Aptitude Exam, is made to assess a candidate’s ability to adequately finish
a health care professional program. This exam can be taken on the computer or with pen and
pencil. It tests you over Academic Aptitude, Math, Analystical Reasoning, Spelling, Reading
Comprehension, Natural Science, and Vocational Adjustment. In this exam, you will be given
380 questions with two and a half hours to complete them. The current fee for this exam
is 25 dollars. For more information, or PSBPN study guides,
flash cards, and practice tests check out Also, visit their academy site, for free video tutorials. Both of these links are posted in the description
below, or you can simply google “mometrix” to find out more. Thank you, and good luck
on your PSBPN Exam.

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