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[Music Playing] Hi, I’m Lorrie Clemo, President of D’Youville. And I’m Maureen Finney, Dean of the School
of Health Professions. We’re excited to announce The Hub – a new way at looking at building healthy, thriving communities everywhere. So what is the Hub? The Hub will be an education, training, and, community health center – set to change the outcome of public health using interdisciplinary
care – training and treating the patient as a whole person, not just a symptom at a
time. The Hub will also a beacon to attract and
develop talent in the health professions – housed under a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Inside, a space for training, workforce development,
counseling, clinical care right here on Buffalo’s vibrant diverse west side. By expanding regional training for the health professions, we’re looking to upskill and upscale the existing healthcare workforce with next generation skills, helping to eliminate
provider shortages, and cut costs of healthcare through inter-professional practice and collaboration. Most importantly, through The Hub, we’ll
be creating better outcomes for future patients. As an educational entity, D’Youville is poised
to lead the way – we have the resources, partnerships, and the knowhow to make a vision
of whole-patient healthcare training a reality. D’Youville is the only institution in Western
New York offering a comprehensive approach to students by utilizing licensed health professionals
teaching real-world tested and innovative educational methods. We emphasize inter-collaborative practice
through physical and virtual training environments – hands-on learning. The Hub – a booster shot to create regional
and statewide healthier communities. A cure for areas with underserved healthcare. The Hub can only come to life through public
and private partnership with like-minded visionaries and help from people like you. So join us, won’t you? Help us ensure the vision of healthcare is
a bright one. Together we can change the face of healthcare and build neighborhoods and communities that flourish so that no one is left behind. Not only in the region But the state of New York, and beyond…

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