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Help me find a job: What to say in a video resume

A traditional resume outlines your qualifications,
skills and experience on paper. A video resume lets an employer see your personality,
passion and see if you are a good fit for their business. Here are some tips to make the most out of
your video resume and land you that next job: 1. Plan before you film. Think about how you want the video to feel. Are you talking directly to the camera? Will you be interviewed? Or will showcase a project you’ve worked
on? 2. Work out the key points you want to say and
write your ideas ahead of time to avoid saying too many ‘ums’. 3. Don’t make it boring by reading out a script
word for word, and don’t just read out your written resume. An employer will read that if they want to. 4. Start by introducing yourself and tell the
employer why you’re the right person for the job 5. The first few seconds of your video should
grab the employer’s attention, so be engaging and show enthusiasm. 6. Stand out from the crowd and show employers
what you can offer them. 7. Approach your video resume in the same way
you would a face-to-face meeting. Dress how you would if it was an interview
or in way that matches the style of your video. Remember: keep it short and under 2 minutes make sure it passes the share test don’t
put up content you wouldn’t want going viral and Take down the video when your no longer looking for employment You can find plenty of resources online just
search ‘introductory video editing so use your imagination and get filming!

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