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HIM Salaries & Job Opportunities [Career Overview]

Upon graduating from an accredited
Health Information Management program, the graduate is eligible to make between
$30,000 and 50,000 dollars. With about five years of experience, they can go on
to make up to $75,000. Some of the common health information
management — also referred to as HIM — job opportunities include working in a
healthcare facility. Any healthcare facility that maintains a patient record
is where HIM professionals are employed. That could be a veterinarian
clinic, that could be a hospital, a doctor’s office — it can even be a
prison setting. Their inmates have to have patient records, too. Those are your
most typical settings for health information management professionals. Some of the most, some of the non-traditional settings include software vendors. The
profession has evolved to a more electronic and digitized profession, so
software companies are going to need health information management experts on their team to build those systems. Other industries is academia. As the profession
continues to grow, we’re going to need to educate more people to become health
information management professionals. So we will need health information
management teachers, and health information management program
coordinators — also government agencies such as your Department of Health. They
also hire health information management professionals. And lastly, consultants.
Once you had very good experience within the industry, you can go on to be a
consultant for a particular area of health information management and help
other facilities with their processes and become efficient in protecting
patient information.

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  • I'm looking to work in a hospital, preferably as a Hospital Coder. Since I'm an inexperienced coder (that'll have the CCS credential), would it be of any significant benefit to also obtain the RHIT

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