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we’ve been producing recruitment video since 2004 so you’re talking well over a decade of honing in on this niche and really understanding what it is to produce a quality piece how that product has to differ for an HR and a candidate standpoint than traditional marketing videos and that’s really something I don’t think anybody else can say today I love the fact that we don’t just sell video just to sell you video we actually try to solve recruitment challenges that are presented we’ve really tailored our packages to be cost effective for an HR recruitment budget and we’re able to customize a package in a way that they can fit it into their annual recruitment strategy and it’s not going to break the bank because recruitment video is all we do we know what question a potential applicant would ask our job as video professionals is not to provide smoke and mirrors and to create something that’s not going to be what that candidate’s going to work in really what we’re looking at is great storytelling genuine storytelling with the tools that we have we’re able to capture a very dynamic footage where that we’re talking about drone footage or Steadicam or time-lapses we have those tools here and those resources to really tell the story you’ll find a lot of our videos on career websites on social media in job fairs just about any place where you’re looking to engage with the candidate you can use these videos that really puts us in a place where when your partner with us you get the best of both world you’ll get the production expertise and then you get the HR expertise and that’s hard to find

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