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Hot Careers Spotlight: Retail Management

My name is Tess and I graduated from The Chang School’s Retail Management
certificate program in 2013. I am presently a senior analyst on the
Client Deployment team at Precima. I’ve always wanted to pursue a career where analytics and creativity are
equally important to success. I was attracted to the
Retail Management program because the retail buying and
visual merchandising courses were the perfect outlet for
both sides of my brain. After I graduated from the Retail Management
program, I attended a retail conference that highlighted how data
was enabling retailers to deliver personalized,
targeted offers to customers. Ever since, I’ve been pursuing
a career in retail analytics so I can use data analytics to
deliver creative customer experiences. On a day-to-day basis, I work with
a variety of internal and external stakeholders. My primary responsibility is
working with our retail clients to understand their business strategy
and data architecture, in order to configure our retail analytics software. In addition to working with our retail clients, I work on our product development teams to deliver product enhancements and
new-to-market innovation to our clients. The category management products
that I deploy to our clients can answer many different business questions related to basket analysis, product launch
performance, and customer segment affinity. I would say that a critical success factor for a retail management career is adaptability. Technology enables innovation
in the workplace and in retail strategy, and it’s important to evolve with
this innovation to remain competitive. Whether it’s learning a new skill to pivot your career or introducing a new strategy to the retail experience, I think it’s important to look
at a retail management career with the perspective that
change is the only constant. I would highly recommend the
Retail Management certificate to people who are seeking a
career in the retail industry. I enjoyed my experience in the program so much that I went back to The Chang School to complete the Big Data
and Predictive Analytics certificate in 2015. The flexibility of the Retail Management
certificate is what stands out to me the most. I was able to complete all of the courses online without visiting the Ryerson campus
until graduation day. And I was able to balance the coursework
while studying full-time at Laurier and while working
full-time during a co-op placement. The Chang School’s Retail
Management certificate program is a low-risk, high-reward approach to preparing for a successful
career in the retail industry.

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