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How a one-day political career led to a $44,000 fine in RI

(MM) FROM THE TARGET 12 INVESTIGATORS TONIGHT… THE AMOUNT OF MONEY OWED IN FINES TO—- THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS IS REDUCED NEARLY—- EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. (SN) BUT THAT DIDN’T QUIET THE CRITICISM FROM A FORMER CANDIDATE, WHO FACED A STIFF FINE… DESPITE NEVER RAISING — OR SPENDING — A PENNY. TARGET 12 INVESTIGATOR WALT BUTEAU WITH THE DETAILS YOU SAW FIRST ON WPRI—DOT—COM. We found out the board is trying to reduce and sometimes wipe out fines that are appealled.. . . The 17 percent in cuts are a significant dip in the total owed…that since 2011 had quadrupled to about 4 and a half millions dollars. Former Providence City Council President Luis Aponte, who pleaded no contest to felony embezzlement in July, is among the many recognizalbe names on the list…. Records show the amount Aponte owes has climb steadily over the past decade….now totaling just under 51 thousand dollars. Not paying down fines and continued filing issues bu dozens on the list is one reason the overall total climbed so high. . . It started off as a few hundred bucks 2012 Westerly school board candidate Mark Sullivan is on the list…even though he never raised or spent anything during his brief campaign…and claims he mailed the necessary paperwork to the board several times. ————- It takes less than 30 seconds to fill out this form because in my case it was all zeros. There was nothing to remember nothing to recall there was no campaign finance The board of elections finance director tells us, the board did not recieve any paperwork from Sullivan until 2017…. Like others on the list, the 2- dollar a day fines for every un- filed form spiked Sullivan’s fine—in his case— to 44-thousand dollars by January of last year. The board reduced that to 332 dollars last…but Sullivan has so far refused to pay out of prinicpal —- insisting he filed the necessary paperwork and never raised or spent any money. ————- Well at this stage of the game it’s frustrating and it’s personal for me now because I’ve had enough. I feel at this point it’s harassment. . ———— The case involving Former State Senator John Celona offers another example why the fines owed climbed so sharply. . Celona— who served prison-time for a pay to play scheme — asked for help from the board in 2015 when he owed about 178,000 dollars. ———— I’m just asking for a waiver and you know some sort of uh payment plan or whatever i have to do. Without an official payment plan, Celona’s been paying 20 dollars a week since 2015 but the amount he owes has nearly doubled due to not filing paperwork. ———— We also found out 16-thousand dollars was paid in fines so far this year…to a total now hovering around 3—-point—8 million dollars. . With the Target 12

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