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How John Boyega Proved to His Parents That His Acting Career Is Legit

You’re all Christmasy and stuff. It’s good energy. Thank you, guys. Appreciate it. Look at you. You look fantastic. Thank you. Thank you so much. Now, you were here
before the first movie was brought out to the world. Yeah. How’d that movie go? I forget. How’d that first one go? Yeah. We done a small indie
called The Force Awakens. And it went well. And after that, The Last Jedi. Everything’s been going well. It’s been going smooth. Yeah. Your life has just changed
completely, hasn’t it? Yeah. I have a schedule and
money in my bank account. Yeah. Which is always good. It’s a big change. It’s a big change. Yeah. So people are getting
tattoos of you. And so I saw a
couple of tattoos– there’s one that’s real
high up on somebody’s thigh, if we could show. Oh, my gosh. [LAUGHS] I mean, that’s
incredible, right? Yeah. I mean, my forehead
is 10 times bigger than the size in normal life. But you can go with that. Yeah. You can go with that. Yeah. It’s a weird thing when you
see– there’s another one. I think that one’s on
the shin somewhere? Yeah. Wow. It is a commitment, right? That’s a big, major commitment. I wish I was there to hold
hands with these individuals. But, nah. Yeah. I’ve seen a couple of
tattoos that people have put of me on their bodies. And I think what– you know– [LAUGHS] Yeah. That’s a shame, is what that is. I know. Yeah. Yeah. She went for it though. I mean, she appreciates you. Yeah. Ooh. Yeah. See, that one, we
need to talk about. Oh, no. I think we need to talk
about both of them really. [LAUGHS] Anyway, it’s very weird. But your family must be so– I mean, were they
supportive in the beginning? Yeah. I mean, they had their
doubts, like any parents. I mean, you leave school and
say you want to become an actor, it’s kind of like where’s the– how can you sustain yourself
in that kind of job? Right. But now they really
do appreciate it. You know, what you got to do
is you got to buy them a house. Once you buy them a house– Yeah. [APPLAUSE] Right. And they’re all good. They’re good. But they’re happy there. Well, they’re good now that
you bought them a house. Yeah, exactly. That’s how it works. You have to get there to be
able to buy them a house. It’s an exchange. Exactly. You have proven yourself. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve come through. So you’ve been traveling,
and I saw this. I don’t know what this story is. But I saw pictures of
little, tiny, baby pigs. Where is this? Just the other day, I
was in Tokyo, Japan. And I went to a very
interesting place where you have micro pigs. It’s a pig cafe. So you can go for a drink,
some tea, or coffee, you know, hot chocolate, while
these micro pigs surround you with their love and warmth. That’s adorable. It’s actually so sweet. And that’s why I
love about Tokyo. And they’re so smart, too. They’re highly intelligent
little creature. Yeah. Yeah. All right. What can you tell
us about this movie? Can you tell us anything? No, I can’t. Sorry. OK. But I can tell you that, for
us, working on this, this is the conclusion to the
Skywalker saga, which is a big huge deal for all of us. Right. And this is the
first time you get to see these three characters– Rey, Finn, and Poe– together
in a really big adventure. And it’s cool to be here. I mean, we first met
the beginning stage of Force Awakens. So we could have never
imagined three movies. Yeah. So to be here, telling you
about it, it’s not some– I’m even numb about it. I’m like, this is crazy. And then they managed to– Carrie Fisher was
an amazing person. She was hilarious. And so creative. Yeah. And they managed to get her into
this final one, which is great. Yeah. You know, JJ’s idea
was that we couldn’t do with The Rise of Skywalker
without her rightly. So some old clips
from The Force Awakens mixed with some
technology, they’ve got her back in a very
seamless and natural way. So for me, coming into the
movies and meeting her, she stood to me as someone
that was realistic and real, regardless of the audience,
regardless of all the eyes watching her. And for a young actor
working with her, and now being able to star
in this movie alongside her, we feel very, very great about
showing the world this movie. Yeah. No, I’m hearing great
things about it. It’s called Star Wars,
The Rise of Skywalker. It’s in theaters this Friday. We’ll be right back.

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