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How To Be A Better Secretary | 1941 | Instructional Film

– You’re right on time – Go right in.
-Thanks – Good morning June
– Morning Mr. Attic -Won’t you sit down?
– Thank you – I was glad to know my program
for next to me just been bothering me what have you planned to take well you
know how much I like my work in the commercial department I thought perhaps
I should cancel just dream physics I don’t really need them and take all this
practice and advanced dictation I want to become astronaut with her yes that
sounds like a reasonable plan but what do you think stenographers do to earn a
living have you actually visualize yourself in
a secretarial position what do you think the work would be like yes I think I
have an idea fire between the stenographic working in
office I imagine I would have to work hours learn to handle new materials in
Judea and do the work expected of course mr. Adams there are monotonous jobs such
as filing but all fair co-workers do these things and that’s my ideas stenographic work
used Radames yes that’s clerical work but aren’t
there other types of clerical work that require more training more skill and
further education for having your case June it might be well to think beyond
mere routine typing and filing and shorthand but we don’t have such courses
at Westport high school where can I get training for the kinds of clerical work
and what other types of office jobs are there well suppose we see if we can find
the answers to your question let’s see if this Harrison of the commercial
department can help us get the information we need all right but
Harrison you’re going into the city this afternoon aren’t you yes I am strata if
June can be excused from practice I wonder if you take her to mesons office
so that she can see some examples of really advanced clerical work well I
think so miss Harrison do you suppose I could
talk with one of the private secretaries who works for coffee thank you dear why
I’m chair that can be arranged so it’s an acquaintance of mine who is a
secretary I’ll call and make an appointment if they’re June I’m leaving
on the 140 bus can you be ready then yes I can and thank you surely good morning message incorporated good
morning message incarcerated goodbye mr. grantziger yes he has this
moment face oh you’re a naughty mess I’m incarcerated yeah I would like to talk
to him good morning nothing incarcerated
good morning lessons incorporated okay does every I’m happy Earth yes I have a
telephone appointment with Miss Lee would you please tell her that miss
Harrison and Miss woods are here which is expecting you go right and that’s the
first turn left down the corridor Thanks good running messes and corporate food
because this affair has so many ramifications mister messes fix it would
be easier for everyone if a meeting could be arranged hello miss Harrison
come on in won’t you oh and this is the young lady
yes this is similar to my talk to you about this morning how do you do I’m I
can’t be seen how a real business not to separate I’m very glad to help her
in fact I’ve arranged so that we can spend the next hour together won’t you
sit down please well thank you but I have some important
calls to make you’ll have to excuse me this time
I’ll be back in about an hour all right miss Harrison goodbye bye goodbye I’d
like to help you see the routine clerical departments first many of our
girls became the star miss Li is explaining to Jun the system
employed in the filing department it is necessary to have supervisors to direct
the girls as some of the work is not so simple
although all of the girls are high school graduates and have had some
training in accuracy and speed employers depend greatly on the recommendations of
counselors and teachers as the applicant school grades are also very important in
obtaining a job in the center graphic Department some of
the girls are transcribing shorthand notes and others are doing routine
typing such as form letters that can’t be duplicated making copies when several
carbons are needed and cutting stencils for duplicating machine the average typist have had a year or
two of training beyond high school and many of them are from junior college
commercial department 70 words a minute is considered good typing speed however
it is not uncommon to find typist who can do 90 words per minute or more
depending upon the ability and alertness of the individual these girls will
become proficient stenographers and gain promotion to different departments as
their experience becomes greater the duplicating Department is a busy one
this machine is electrically operated and used for short-run reproduction of
drawing grass and the employees weekly newspaper also manually operated
machines of the same type are used for work requiring hundreds of copies this
duplicating machine is used training for the operation of these machine is
obtained either at special commercial schools at night or gained while
employed in this department it is not uncommon to find men doing this type of
work however girls are preferred on routine jobs which require speed and
accuracy there is still a bookkeeping department but it looks as though the
girls are in a hurry to get back to miss Lee’s office needs to do many of these
jobs cuts it down always thank you what about your own job miss Lee you’re
an office manager as well as head secretary aren’t you yeah one of my most
important duties is to make appointments with the president takes judgment to
tell which callers should be given 15 minutes and which one should take his
problems to someone else in the firm sometimes it takes every ounce of tact I
can muster to keep everyone contented another important job of mine is to read
an abstract materials from contracts and papers so that the president can tell in
a moment the whether he needs to do any more research before making a business
decision my college training has proved its importance in this work are you
to go to college oh I thought about it dad said you would help me but I haven’t
made up my mind yet I’m going to talk to mr. Adams about it tomorrow please
yes mr. metha right away I think you’re busy and I can’t take any more of your
time thank you very much goodbye goodbye and good luck well doing did you have a good time on
your trip to lessons office yesterday yes I did but mr. Adams
do you think I could make a go of it no why do you ask that
well I talked to miss Lee who has just the kind of a job I like someday and she
said that it was necessary to have colleagues training for that job so I’ve
talked to mother and father they think that I might go to college do you think
I should before I answer your question suppose we take a look at your
experience and record then you and I can think through to an answer your high
score on the scholastic aptitude test indicates that you can do good work in
town moreover your high score on the Perico aptitude test indicates that you
can become a good secretary mr. Adams does that definitely means I’m
capable of doing good work in college yes June you have the fundamental
ability to do good work in college moreover your fine record in school
shows that you use that ability efficiently I think that I’m genuinely
interested in secretarial work and I’m more confident of my interest after
talking to miss Lee but some of my classmates tell me that their vocational
interests have changed I’m afraid that I may change to your interests may change
June as you grow more mature and acquire new experiences but on our test of
vocational interests your likes and dislikes are similar to those of
successful women in secretarial occupations I would say that your choice
the secretarial work is a good one and that you will most likely continue to be
interested however you must remember that you will have to start
and work up to that position you realize with your visit with Nestle of course
that there are many many ways in which you can you lose your interest in
commercial occupations later on you may even wish to shift to some other line of
work you should not worry about the narrow specific type of job until you’ve
had 2 3 years more for the training but mr. Adams
Miss Lee stressed and I thought to myself the constant officers work
closely with each other and must be well right do you think that I have the
personality for that type of work suppose you tell me what things you have
done with other people what activities have you been participating in in school
I’ve been in so many things I’m secretary the freshman class I was
elected president of my campfires group last month I read and prepared an
article on an American evening before the school Historical Society for the
past two years i’ve been social chairman in my church master harvest cabin leader
at camp mother says i mean too many things so
that would certainly seem to indicate the right kind of personality for
getting along with persons of your own age
have you worked with older person you remember that i did some work in a law
office my father the people there liked my work and we’re very pleasant and nice
to me but i don’t know whether that oh yes it does that’s fine
i can’t predict with certainty just how your personality made it up but what you
say points to the likelihood that you will continue to be sociable and
cooperating there’s one other question that I wanted to ask you about financial
support will you be able to get further training I was talking with father last
night and he said that he would be able to pay for most of my expenses I may
have driven some money myself a good many college students do work for faith
although it is desirable to spend most of your time in studying at least for
the first year when you are ready to go to college I will be glad to write your
counselors and ask them to help you find work where had you planned on going to
college I don’t know I suppose to the State
University since it’s so close and I can live at home do you see anything wrong
with my plans no you couldn’t get good training there
miss Harrison thinks very highly of their courses in secretarial training I
have the bullet news describing their business courses take them and study
them it’s a good idea to begin planning now even a year ahead of time but mr.
Adams I want to do something now well but there are many things that you can
do right now Jules I suggest that you talk these matters over with your
parents and if they would like to see me I’ll be very glad to talk with them well
that’ll be fine tomorrow we can go over your program for
next quarter and then later we can check your course is with the entrance
requirements to the University next semester I’d like to give you some of
these books and pamphlets to read I’d like to talk to you again about this
and I want to talk with you June at least twice each semester you see this
problem of making a choice is not a simple one and it cannot be decided in a
single day we’ll review your tentative choice as you learn more about yourself
in the world in which you will live and work thank you very much you’ve helped
me arrive and you’re welcome June happy tomorrow

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