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How to Become a Professional Screenwriter / Film Career Advice #15

Hi guys, we’re the Raindance interns. I’m
Sylvie. I’m Caroline. And I’m Katie. And today we’re here for all you screenwriters out
there. So you’ve written your screenplay, you have your pitch, and you’re ready to
get out there into the world and make some films. Where do you begin? So today
we have five tips for you on how to turn professional as a screenwriter. Tip
number one: get an internship. There’s only so much you can learn about
filmmaking at school. If you get an internship there’s lots of benefits. First of all
you can see how everything runs, how different departments interact, but more
importantly you can meet the writers and and this means you’ll make so many great contacts and so can kind of work as a gateway to becoming a professional
writer. Okay so, tip 2: you want to make sure that
you keep writing and also don’t tie yourself to one project because that can
take up a lot of time and let’s be honest, projects are never really
finished. So you want to make sure that you’re constantly writing and also
there’s so much stuff you can get involved in now it doesn’t necessarily
have to be features, could be shorts or commercials, so you never really know
where you’re gonna find your writing niche. Tip number three: enter contests.
Contests are a great way to start out however there are a few pointers you
need to keep in mind. Firstly, ask who the judges are. When picking a contest enter
try and find out if there are producers or development executives who are reviewing
submissions – these competitions are much more worthwhile to enter. Secondly, ask about
submission fees. Avoid any competitions with hefty fees to enter because the
money is usually going to line the pockets of the organisers. Thirdly,
research. Find out where past winners have leveraged their successes because
these competitions usually have proven track records. So tip 4 is networking.
It’s the best way to get your name and face out there, you never know who you’re
gonna meet who might be interested in working on similar projects with you,
there’s loads of events going on in London, there could be loads of events
going on in your city as well. At Raindance we have Boozin’ and Schmoozin’
every month which is pretty fun. It’s pretty daunting initially but it does
get so much easier if you constantly keep going to them
yourself out there. So step 5, our final step, is to self-publish. This used to be
kind of a dirty word in publishing, it was called vanity publishing, but
honestly now it’s a much more viable career path. Once you do self-publish you
start making money and then you’re out there in the world. Thanks so much for
watching guys and please like and subscribe to the channel if you want
more video tips!

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