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How To Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer? | AI Engineer Skills and Roles | Intellipaat

hey everyone hope you had a beautiful
day first of all happy Dussehra to all of yours and you families guys so
welcome to this live session by Intellipaat my name is Anirudh Rao and I’ll be
walking you through a session on how you can start your carrier and artificial
intelligence guys we will keep the video very concise and dippity and go about
understanding what it takes to have one of the best carriers out there guys
before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button and the bell icon so
that you are notified at all times so without further ado let’s begin by
checking out the agenda for this session so we’ll quickly start out by having an
introduction to artificial intelligence second we can check out the current
trends that we have with respect to artificial intelligence around us
third we can check out what are the steps to actually become an artificial
intelligence engineer and fourth something very interesting we can check
out the salaries of an artificial intelligence or engineer we can check
out the jobs that are available in the market and so much more guys so make
sure you stay tuned till the end and on that note or we can quickly start out by
having an introduction to artificial intelligence so what do you think is
artificial intelligence guys I think whenever someone talks about artificial
intelligence or this is what we pretty much discuss right so artificial
intelligence has been so certainly integrated into our lives that we don’t
even notice it anymore or there was a time before when people used to say
artificial intelligence is the future guys think about it
we are in that future right now artificial intelligence is already here
it is no more ahead in the future or any of those talks but to give you an
example right so I have my phone right next to me a my iPhone right next to me
so if I go ahead and say hey Siri right now that is artificial intelligence
picking it up and then Siri will pretty much open up and you know if I say
whether she is going to give me the wether and so much more
the most important reason or we are here in this session is to find out the
career path that we can take as artificial intelligence engineers guys
so you might have heard the statement artificial intelligence is
the best carrier path of this decade so can we validate that sure that’s the
pretty much you know that’s the goal of the session today and artificial
intelligence has the biggest community ever so strong statement right it has
the biggest community ever so how what is this community about how can we
engage in this community how can we make a beautiful carrier that we love we love
coding so we can pretty much have a career entirely based on what we love
right artificial intelligence is this amazing thing that will be walking you
through today nice so coming to the formal definition of what is artificial
intelligence this is the definition you will pretty much pick up every time you
see an artificial intelligence case so it consists of the theory it consists of
the development which you know revolve around computer systems and these
systems are expected to do tasks very easily as human humans do it it may be
something such as you know or requiring human intelligence to do it I mean we be
programming it for that it will be pretty much having visual perception
let’s say face detection speech recognition decision-making you can
expect a computer which runs on zeros and ones to make a decision for you
and these decisions are so huge sometime they are mission critical guys so you
can have a decision either to abort or continue with our say say something like
a rocket launch right so imagine all these people sitting on the rocket and
they’re sitting on tons of oxygen fuel right so they’re taking off and there’s
something wrong with the system so you need to have something there with that
computer which is working at those harsh conditions telling them either they need
to continue it so or not so decision making from a very simple true/false
statement all the way it will taking man to the moon or you know man to Mars so much
more and computers right here can do it for us we are already living in that age
and then think of translations between languages right now let me give you a
very nice example of translation between languages so a couple of months back I
was actually during the Russia and I do not know Russian I am I am a native
Indian so I do not know Russian you need to know about this very
beautiful app called as google translate we pretty much Google it out but then we
do not have the app with us so as soon as you go over and install that app it
has analysis it will just be such nicely put you just need to or you know pretty
much go about just scanning and opening up your camera and just showing or
Russian text and in real time this Russian text is converted to English for
you so with Russia again couple of places
where there is absolutely zero English so then you can pretty much talk to your
phone in English it will convert it to Russian and then talk to the Russian for
you I’m just giving you a very good example of AI in which I practically
used so think about it I mean it’s just one but then I can give you n number of
you know situations and reason as a developer or as a end user that
artificial intelligence has helped me so much and it’s so much fun to work with
as well I pretty much love working with anything data science anything
artificial intelligence so on that note of where is all this love for artificial
intelligence coming from the first thing to answer that is we need to know what a
trending right now guys so here I have a chart from Forbes calm and this is
pretty much sure giving us the revenues that artificial intelligence is creating
for all of the enterprise applications right so this is a worldwide chart this
goes all the way from 2016 and it has been predicted about six years from now
which is 2025 and do note that all the numbers that you see on your screen are
on millions of US dollars guys so look at the revenue we generated in twenty
sixteen it’s around or 357 million dollars just go to 2025 and look at the
project it’s cause it’s thirty one thousand two hundred million US dollars
so this is the market for artificial intelligence guys so you might be
wondering how true the prediction is guys well it’s they are the
most accurate now in a prediction no system on the market right now and I
would tossed it I would trust this wholely guys and if you look at the chart it is
unreal it is an exponential increase so we going within like what five years
let’s say 2016 to 2021 we went from 350 all the way of seven thousand
seven hundred million dollars if this is the jump for the next five years think
about think about the future guys think about ten years from now twenty five
think think about twenty thirty five and so much more
right now artificial intelligence is the biggest boon there is and hey guys I’ve
been through a couple of surveys as well so as per these surveys pretty much what
is the best carrier you can have is artificial intelligence so everywhere
people say I am an artificial intelligence engineer I am having fun
you know I am working or with my day job which I absolutely love and then work
with and I’m being paid for it as well so so this is the word which goes around
when it comes to artificial intelligence guys so or what do you guys think about
it probably take take just a couple of seconds ahead to the live chat and let
me know what you guys are you know think about artificial intelligence on the
whole I am sure that every one of our viewers your have so many queries about
artificial intelligence right so this entire word has this sort of curiosity
which is wrapping around now and as it generates this sort of curiosity around
it and every time even even whenever I have general conversations with people
respect or with respect to artificial intelligence the conversation always
ends in such a way that we are still left flabbergasted regarding wait how
can I start a career and this is sounds amazing
so pretty much I talk with a lot of management people you know I have a
couple of friends who are all you know who work on the management sides for
human resource people and they are interested they were like oh damn I need
to do something about this so if it can bring a management person to the
technical side then I’m sure you guys are you know that there is some magic
going on here that will keep us interested guys so here is another row
very interesting or a chart that I got from so this is the
number of papers which are annually published so these are formal papers
which get published in journals Oh somewhere around 2000 this year 2000 so
there we had let’s say around I would I ball it and say around 3000 papers are
being published every year around the world or with respect to artificial
intelligence and then just look at 2015 and
I mean this is an older chart that that graph is this is going through the roof
all the time so 2015 we had like what almost 20,000 people and I’m sure at
somewhere around 35 over 40,000 people right now guys so what do you need to
observe is this amazing incline when it comes to the number of technical papers
that are being published so people want to get out there people want to learn
people want to create their own thing and then publish a paper there is no
other beautiful thing in this world and just giving your own technical paper
knowing that you have something in your name and you know that can be a very
nice bragging right that’ll help the community and at the end of the day we
are here to make the world a better place right so with respect to
artificial intelligence come on you guys can do it it is an amazing simple
concept ill be walking you through this in this entire session so take away as
much as you can and I’m hoping this helps you all guys so you might have you
might be students out here you know you might have students right now who might
be having the question of how many papers get published can i publish a
paper okay sure you can learning is everything and go for it so on that note
I want to just give a just of how this entire career path will work guys so
with respect to the first step that you’ll pretty much be doing is again you
start with education right so education is the foundation to everything you
start out by learning about artificial intelligence you just know the
definition now you need to know what artificial intelligence is how you can
go over I mean it’s a very big ocean it’s a very vast ocean that you know if
you can pretty much it’s about this you know if you know swimming then you can
go swimming in this entire ocean and you’ll never run out of stamina day so
that’s that’s a good analogy here so firstly you have to go about learning
about artificial intelligence knowing where it is used so with every solution
to a problem you need the problem right first you need to have a problem around
which you can give a solution finding out that problem is the most challenging
part about learning anything new or let it be deep learning let it be big data
it’ll be machine learning anything so you need this new problem to be
created or something that exists in the society that you can go on indulge
yourself in and solve it right so learning about artificial intelligence
is a very prime step that will help you do this secondly walk
on projects and getting certified let me talk about working on projects so
artificial intelligence or any such technological concepts or you know very
importantly pretty much you should go about starting with you just getting
your hands dirty guys so any amount of theory you keep learning you keep
learning you pretty much might not go anywhere I
mean I’m just talking to you with respect to you know my experience of
getting into AI but then and the first I said remember the first moment I walked
on my first Python project which was which was related vaguely related
to artificial intelligence and I was taken aback you learned so much when you
get your hands dirty with core and you can understand better you can relate
better with respect to theory you cannot do much you understand what you see on
your screen but within me get your hands on your projects you can change up the
code you can play around you can have an entire playground around you where you
can pretty much do anything if the program is asking you or to show apples
or something you can ask your bananas come on so much the freedom is always
there with respect to artificial intelligence guys and then after you get
your hands working on projects the next important thing is to get certified this
so to put yourself out in the market you need to work on projects that you’ve
shown people that you’ve worked and then you get certified in the same by a
reputed organization to know that you have actually put in the work done these
projects on your own and you’ve established yourself in this market so
you’ll be selling yourself really or better with respect to this step three
is very simple after you’ve done all of this you can kick-start your artificial
intelligence carrier very simple by heading to all of the job trend sites
and then I’ll just be walking you through all of these steps or in a very
expansive way in just about our slides from now so this is the question that
you’re supposed to be having right now in your mind guys so it’s okay so hey I
narrow that following you throughout this life session so how do I start with
artificial intelligence so people are always stuck with how they can always
start guys you might be a person who’s you know getting out of college in
college or you just might be a 50 year old person who’s very interested to do
something anymore now with respect to all of that let me help you to get on
the fastest path to or you know get you ready for the industry to probably you
might be just to find out more about artificial
intelligence just to say it your curiosity or you are here for you know a
hardcore experience of how you can start your career and actually make lots of
money with it so how do we you know go about starting an artificial
intelligence carrier guys oh the foundation that you need to know is
again artificial intelligence is a lot of maths and a lot of code as well so
the first important thing is you need to know a little bit of statistics a little
bit of math using the statistics and math with respect to coding because the
computer needs to understand we understand it very simply but then you
need the computer to understand it right and then you need to mix all of these
with respect to logic and you have to give this cognitive process to your
machine where it can start understanding and doing stuff on its own so so that’s
really cool sounds very interesting right I mean even after all of these
years of experience with respect to artificial intelligence every time I
come to or you know take a session for the nascent learners this just holds me
back so much right I love it guys so again the journey of artificial
intelligence which always start with data science again well you don’t need
the entire working of data science for your artificial intelligence are same but
then you will need certain basics case you will need to know languages such as
R you need to know Python these will eventually help you to build all of the
models that you will require later on so you might not have heard of the
designation and artificial intelligence engineer guys so here are some of the
very common or designations that you might not have known first it’s the
intelligence designer so an artificial intelligence engineer can also be called
as an intelligence designer they can be called as data curators cognitive
copywriters you know AI interaction designers so to say it your curiosity
you can head to any of the job portals that anyway be walking you through a
very famous job portal you can go there this type this in as your keyword and
you will realize there are thousands of jobs for these keywords thousands guys
it’s not hundreds it’s not you know tens of jobs it’s thousands of jobs it’s
everywhere around the world so at this point of time you need to know that if
you have the skills required for it people are willing to pay any
amount and people are willing to relocate you to any part of the world to have you
on board and it went to work with them guys anyway stay tuned until the end so
I’ll be walking you through all of the job opportunities and coming to the main
goal of this session so what are the five steps that help you become an
artificial intelligence engineer let’s break it down into very simple terms so
that everyone here can take away something from your the first step is to
know all of these terms so you need to know that there is a programming
language called R which exists we have Python again we have SQL structured
query languages we have tableau so instead of being mixed out on all of
these various sources you know hunting for or learning tutorials from here
they’re everywhere just stick to ones or structured sanitized portal which will
teach you everything from scratch you need to know R is of a programming
language again Python is one of the most amazing programming languages in my
opinion I mean R is again very good but my personal preference is to Python
but then you might be a person who is a hardcore fan of R as well then you
need to know what SQL is you need to know what databases are how you can
store your data how you can pull out your data from databases manipulate your
data and then have your machine do it for you we can do it very quickly by you
know writing something called as a query for our SQL or tables and databases but
then your machine should do it for you and it has to pick up you know all of
the data and everything as well that is very important again tableau is pretty
much used to visualize all of your data you know give you very good graphs make
it look very interesting at the end because see are usually 70% of the time
I can tell you that a result of an artificial intelligence program is just
numbers it will say 70% accuracy of detecting an apple in your image
sure it sounds very simple but I mean you have complex use cases to see
numbers all the time really doesn’t make sense or let’s say you have to explain
it to your pure explain to your higher-ups or explain it to a nascent
learner who has absolutely no idea what you’re talking about but then if you are
very nice-looking graphs there we of you have something very nice and interesting
very colorful to look at and they’ll be like whoa
yeah now I understand right so we can all relate to this with respect to any
aspect of our life just not artificial intelligence so on that note we have
covered the first step we need to know all these technologies that exist the
guys next step to step two is all about mathematics guys you might be wondering
hey you know I’m not you know I’m not very good at mathematics what do I still
have a chance for a carrier guys absolutely if you’re here to train you
just for this you’ll be learning or I mean you need linear algebra you need
probability unique statistics you need calculus you need graphs here you need
to know optimization you need to know so much more but at the same time do not be
taken aback in case you are not familiar with any of these because then these are
very fancy terms but then when you break it down to they’re simple now you know
simple terms these are something these are concepts which are extremely easy to
work with easy to understand so even a nascent learner can start up can
understand everything that you know every single term that I’ve put up on my
screen and start working with it directly guys so once you’ve covered the
math part of it then it’s very simple you can just have you know you can
pretty much put it side by side with respect to the code and then have your
code and math work along mix up very nicely gel with each other and then give
you a very fine result guys so step one was knowing that a couple of programming
languages are required step two was knowing that the math is required for
this and then step three is a very interesting a so step three is knowing
when you have your hands dirty on code and all of the logic and techniques that
you need step three is very important because
this is where you need to practice everything you need to go on testing
yourself to know where you are with respect to practice I would suggest we
just go to a couple of communities and then start showing your core there talk
to people talk to subject matter experts talk to fellow developers fellow peers
fellow learners this tell them what you’re doing pretty much this is the
most friendly community I have been a part of all my life and I can tell you
that with full confidence case you can participate in Kaggle challenges and
coming back to the communities we at Intellipaat have this amazing
community just search for intellipaat community it
and you will find us we have thousands of questions being posted by thousands
of subject matter experts we have thousands of learners coming there on a
daily basis answering their questions you know we have a general chat there as
well so we can pretty much find out what’s going on in the industry what is
trending so at the end of the day I’ve seen a lot of Millennials chase down
trends and guess what even the fortune 500 companies are doing this
so knowing hunting for what’s trending learning on it working on it practicing
on it is very important guys so testing yourself with all of these you know
being a part of community or knowing that let’s say you just started your
first or the algorithm learning with respect to artificial intelligence keep
testing yourself on that get better at it work step by step and you will have a
paved a very nice path for your artificial intelligence carrier race so
that brings us to step four after you’ve learned got your hands dirty or pretty
much you know have your testing done have your practicing done all of that to
sell yourself to the world now you would always need a certification guys you
will need a certification from a well-known organization that can vouch
for you watch on behalf of you telling that telling the world that you have
actually done work on this and then you pretty much have the skills that’s
required to directly get into the market and start working guys
here is a sample course certificate or certification certificate that I have
from Intellipaat or we have worked with IBM on this course and then I’ll be
anyway walking you through this entire thing in just a couple of minutes from
now but then having a certificate like this having an authentic genuine
certificate like this will help you sell yourself to the big guys guys so let’s
say you want to work at Facebook Google all these big places they pretty much
pick you up and give you preference over someone who might not have a
certification step four again is getting your certifications knowing that pretty
much you know all the people around the world require you guys so or coming to
Step five Step five is the important part of this the session where you
actually go about selling yourself go to go to just tell
people around the world that you are there your certification and this
pretty much start your carrier way so let me quickly you know just open up ah
the indeed website and I’ve just search for artificial intelligence out here so
all you need to go is slash you in the search artificial
intelligence you are take a look at the average salary on the left hand side
$70,000 $90,000 $100,000 hundred fifteen thousand hundred twenty-five thousand
dollars guys we have almost two thousand or six hundred jobs which will offered
you one hundred and twenty five thousand dollar or US dollars per annum and then
your full-time jobs you have internships your contracts them guys the absolute
location you can turn it to pretty much your city state or your zip code as well
so here’s the top things which comes up so again you can be your research
scientist and artificial intelligence or you can be an automation you can have a
very good internship with respect to Guardian life then you can you know have
a summer or this thing as well internship as well artificial
intelligence scientist artificial intelligence consultant at Accenture and
Chicago guys the opportunities are endless out here anyway we’ll be back to
all of the people who are hiring just before that I need to tell you how the
artificial intelligence concept is changing the world days so let’s quickly
jump to the next slide of how artificial intelligence is a revolution in this
world we live in the first important point that you need to know at this
point of time is that the arrival of artificial intelligence and the other
concept the beautiful concept of machine learning has changed entirely the way
businesses work so there was this time before where all of these were looked
into the future so let’s say there was a business meeting in a very big fortune
finite company let’s say ten fifteen years back they would have this person
who would have the analysis for the next ten years and he would say hey ten years
from now we will have implemented artificial intelligence in our business
and we’ll be running based on that I can tell you that guy was right because from
then ten years till now we are using artificial intelligence on a day to day
basis sometimes we don’t even realize you know how artificial intelligence is
being used and at the end of the day it has created a plethora of job
opportunities in the market guys I just showed you right you have four
these divisions of 15,000 job opportunities around the world again I
want to make this very clear to you guys if you have the skills required you will
be hired regardless of your place regardless of
the salary you ask if you just have the skills which is required then people are
hiring people are interested in you just go for it just learn everything master
everything pick up a certification and at the end of it you will become an
artificial intelligence engineer guys so you need to acquire the skill sets to
demonstrate to the world that you know you have the mastery in the language
guys so coming to the concept of how it actually changed the world the first
important thing I think is sad BOTS right so here I am iPhone right next to
me so I can pretty much say I can open up the Google assistant again this is a
native Google platform then you have katana from Microsoft or if City series
again a chatbot from the people at Apple then we have big speed for our Samsung
users as well I mean or we might have our buyers read some people might like
Siri some people might like katana and some people pretty much sure might like
Google assistant as well hey look as soon as I said City my phone just woke
up so again thinking about this guy’s everything I am a fan of all four of
these to be honest because it is very hard to come up with the chat board and
makes your life so much easier I can just say hey Siri how’s the weather
right now pretty much I can say hey Siri set the alarm for me you know set a
calendar so watch my 12 p.m. meeting doing tomorrow is that person turning up
Siri can find out everything for you and Google assistant has something called as
Auto responders right now as well so let’s say you don’t want to know I don’t
pretty much you’re busy or you don’t want to pick up a call Google assistant
can pick up the call for you answer on behalf of you saying like this is what
happening we’ll just call you back later or something not not the regular Ortelli
caller raw assistance we had before it can pretty much find out that you’re in
an office you’re in a meeting and then you can pretty much inform your the
person who’s conducting you all of that this will do it automatically as well go
down again for all his Windows users again I pretty much use a lot of Cortana
when I’m working on my Windows machine again series a part of my daily life in
app because I pretty much move about with my iPhone everywhere that’s my
business phone I carry so again sorry is a very important part of my daily life
bigsby I use it for four months per say but not exactly a
lot but then Bixby is beautiful Bixby also gets a voice right now so all these
sad bots are helping you in your daily lives every single day UVU might not
even know it you’ll just be predictive text for example you go to Google and
you’re just entering a couple of 4x and it predicts what you will X may later as
well and not just that if there are some fellow coders your we can pretty much
already know that you know as soon as you let’s say you’ve pretty much opened
up framework and your visual studio and you’re working on
dotnet you can have your cold otto credited for you we can have python
which predicts our code for us and then just makes your life so much simpler and
artificial intelligence is right there and the second thing i can vote for
sanders in terms of finance guys so I used to I used to be a trader before and
I should do some very high-speed trading sessions and I know now that artificial
is an artificial intelligence has come into the picture
it makes high-speed trading sessions so much easier because with respect to
pattern recognition again as even an expert in financial trading and all of
these trading sessions you just look at it and sure you get a lot of information
if you are a professional but then if you have a machine which can look at
right from the origin of the stock let’s say in 2000 and then bring you a
predictive model all the way till 2019 you can have a very fair idea and you
can have an upper hand with respect to others of how your stock will do whether
you’ll make money that they lose money that day sure stock market is very
unpredictable but having that extra step and having a very high level of surety
there will again help you very much guys it can predict as well so pattern
recognition is with it being you know all these years of how the just talk and
or share has traded and then with prediction you can tell pretty much here
this is what the price might be in 2021 2022 so you can build your entire
portfolio based on that this has already been implemented this is the right there
you can pretty much you know had to Google and just start searching for
these and you will get a lot of searches for these guys so people are there
people are using it and Finance and the next very important thing of how
artificial intelligence is changing the world around us as well
to healthcare guys healthcare is extremely important in the world we live
in right so I was just reading about this very interesting blog a couple of
months back and it said that there was a very you know there was a revolutionary
or detection with respect to all the programmers which happened where they
say that they found out they can find out breast cancer very early even its
nascent stages people can find it out and they can find out if it’s benign
which means harmless they can find out if it’s malignant which means you know
it’s a very harmful cancer cell and this has never been done before and they say
that your chances of surviving these cancer gets up to by sixty percent sixty
percent is a huge number and when you’re talking about all these you know
probabilities with respect to medicine you you get ten twenty percent max right
so they’re giving you 60 percent of chances saying hey this is what your
cancer cells are and come on guys so if you can relate to this I mean 60 70
percent of positive rates saying this is what is happening this is what is not
happening and then all of these right so that’s one very interesting thing I
loved it I loved it I think it was about two weeks ago I read it and I was taken
aback I just saw left an email to the developers as well asking them more you
know if I could contribute in any way to that so that was really beautiful and
then the next thing is tracking daily health case so we all wear our fitbit’s
we all wear our smartwatches we have for a couple of watches from Samsung we have
an Apple watch and so much more right it will track your daily health it’ll
pretty much it’ll remind you when you should drink water how much amount of
what you should drink all the calories you’ve bought it will even tell you the
route you took to office it will tell you if you have ran through her office I
mean sure you can do that it’ll tell you your morning run evening run your
walking how much you can enter the calories that you’re eating it will
calculate how much calories you’ve poured it will start tracking your sleep
cycles it’ll do so much more for us guys and coming to the next thing is
promoting welfare right again good health is good for everyone
promoting welfare with respect to artificial intelligence using health
care is again very important aspect here guys so in
insist here’s a very simple AI landscape that I have for you guys so from the
left to the right is the amount of sophistication it takes to build all of
these and we have the mass adaptation from down to up on the e y-axis chatbots
again our mass and operators I already told you they use natural language
processing and pretty much we go use our chat box every day and then personal
assistants against serial X are so much more I can say hey Alexa turn on the
lights and pretty much the lights are on before you go home you can turn on the
heater before you even wake up so as soon as you wake up your water is ready
and so much more then you have teh by Microsoft we have automated insights
which uses machine learning NLP it works with structured data and then you have
alpha go alpha goes pretty basically a game which is player and alphago pretty
much beat the the world champion at this game so many times and pretty much you
have trained the game to beat the master of the game that’s so cool to learn then
you have deep dream again deep dream is basically taking in all of the images of
the world and then performing analysis on it we have autopilot by Tesla we have
cars which can drive around ours and we know we do not need a cab driver anymore
to you know pretty much or drivers around the world and there was a time
when people used to say we will have automated cars and we already have
automated cars just add in a couple of for in most of the world it’s a it’s
sort of illegal to have a self-driving car just now and Google has been working
on this for 10 years and over that I guess so knowing that the technology
exists one is sure for everything there are certain constraints which hold us
back but in knowing that something like this exists we using it as amazing then
you have Einstein Einstein again contains all the collects all the
pictures from the world makes sense of it learn something new gives us
predictive analysis and so much more and then we have Watson Watson is by IBM and
these guys have pretty much put put out Watson for everything from a very simple
image classifier all the way till law what happens if we put man on Mars and
then they pretty much perform analysis on something that complex as well so
they pretty much use the continuous learning algorithms which comes under
DPA and they pretty much use machine
learning speech processing and so much more
so who are the big names in artificial intelligence we’re talking about all
these big names pretty much right so what goes on to this there again we’re
all familiar with Amazon Amazon is a huge player giant probably the biggest
in the world right now and they’re invested in their consumer side and they
pretty much now trying to bring in artificial intelligence for us as well
the first important thing is alexa alexa is amazon’s brainchild and they’re
pretty much use the artificial intelligence there to give us very good
insights about how you can make your life easier with a machine around you
and then Amazon Web Services you know these are pretty much a set of machine
learning programs which are already trained on artificial intelligence
services so this has helped a lot guys so AWS has so many clients guys they’re
more than 10,000 customers Simmons is their customers Netflix is a customer
standard NFL NASA guys you tell me and they are the customer of AWS and I can
sort of guarantee you that again predictive or advertisements as well and
coming to Apple Apple again they have been acquiring all of these artificial
intelligence startups that they can pretty much get their hands on because
they are pretty much worth 2 1 trillion so think about it’s alright they are a
very critical part of our ecosystem right now I mean Apple is the biggest
company observant comes to technology and they know that artificial
intelligence is the future so they’re pretty much acquiring all of the
startups and they’ve worked extremely hard on developing products it’s our
city you know so much more now they have the tool called create it’s a machine
learning tool which the Mac OS and the iOS developers can basically use or you
know to take our training courses for their apps and start building perhaps
for them as well coming to Facebook we all use Facebook right so just couple of
minutes before the session I was just hanging out a couple of for again
machine learning and artificial intelligence groups on Facebook and
resistor communicating with the people out there and then everyone who works at
Facebook I have a couple of close friends who work here they say
artificial intelligence will be enormous ly powerful in the future I sort of tell
them that they stand corrected here because artificial intelligence is
already enormously powerful right now we just need to make put it to very good
use right so they have this research group or it’s called as fa ir so
facebook artificial intelligence research group and
they say that they are extremely committed into you know looking at more
into machine intelligence developing how new technologies can provide people with
better ways to communicate and so much more they have developed pie tortoises
again a Python API which is useful neural networks and this stands right
and competition with our biggest competitor which is Google and therefore
are they offensive Louis so on that note coming to Google again this is the
largest most important artificial intelligence company on this list and it
is the most obvious type because over the past couple of years by Mountain
View we mean Google so they have created no fewer than you know twelve new AI
companies so they have launched 12 new companies they made the most important
purchase of four hundred million dollars and this was deep mind deep mind is
again like alphago I pretty much saw is the board game which goes about playing
the ego champion again and there’s Google Spencer flow I am sure at least
80% of the people here know what tensorflow is and then enough tensorflow
is free for all right it’s been or free for a couple of couple of for yours now
and then at the end of the day tensor AI chip project again for machine learning
you can do machine learning on the go learn on it work on it create your new
projects and so much more and Google is the biggest name or when it comes to
that guys so quickly walking you through all the skill sets that takes to be an
artificial intelligence program well firstly advanced programming concepts
yes case you gonna need Python you’re gonna need are even need SAS and so much
more and worry not if you don’t know this we are right here to teach you then
you need good database proficiencies well you need to know how data is stored
what a semi structured data what a structured data how you can go on
working with this data and making your life better as well so then the next
thing is machine learning algorithms you need to teach your machine how it can do
the work for you it will learn every day every minute every iteration with
respect to what you do and then go on to try doing it itself as well how cool is
that and then you have dashboarding
capabilities again knowing that all this data can be put and or put into a very
nice form where everyone can see it and make sense out of it is amazing and the
last making taking analytics out of the data is the best thing ever from you
guys so knowing that you have certain useless data being converted into
amazingly useful formation putting all these information
in a really beautiful way to look at and making sense out of this I am sold race
with respect to artificial intelligence your so let me quickly walk you through
a couple of artificial intelligence job descriptions sure it’s a job requirement
from Simmons and these guys are the responsibilities you are again operate
all around machine learning and artificial intelligence
you know you’ll be supporting automation orchestration of workflow across various
cloud services as well again you pretty much enjoy working in agile devops
environments you will be developing tool tool sets you’ll be working with respect
to automation will be working with respect to artificial intelligence you
will keep yourself up to date with cutting-edge technologies by
participating in conference sharing knowledge is best practices with the
team look at that even a company as huge as cements it’s pretty much expecting
you as an artificial intelligence to stay up to date with all of your
cutting-edge technologies they’re out there on that note again here is another
a quick job description from Highmark health so these guys say you need to be
absolutely rigorous in terms of gathering your data or having good
analytical skills having good synthesis skills and you will have to require
experience with data visualization such as tableau you need power bi bi is
basically business intelligence and then you need to know statistic packages you
need to know all tricks you need your sass you need to have strong SQL skills
as I just told you at the beginning you need to note error rate I you need to
know Hadoop you need to know artificial intelligence with respect to Python Java
and so much more look at these job requirements guys it sounds so fancy yet
they are so reachable at the same time and your job requirement from Amazon so
we’ll be assisting customers by delivering their entire end-to-end
project with respect to machine learning and deep learning as well you’ll be
using frameworks such as MX net cafe to or tensorflow theon or c NT k is
basically microsoft’s cognitive toolkit and you’ll be using chaos as well to
help your customers build deep learning models you’ll be using spark machine
learning Amazon machine learning so much more to help your customers build their
machine learning models as well you’ll be working with big data consultants
you’ll be working with DevOps consultants on you pretty much will be
working with everyone to give your machine that amount of
that it can work by itself and make all of our jobs or very much easy this and
this light is what you majority of you guys are waiting for right what is the
average salary of an artificial intelligence you know engineer guys so
120 American thousand American dollars 120 thousand dollars in American it’s
pretty much the median salary of an artificial intelligence engineer again
you have a data analyst who owns about seventy thousand dollars and a data
engineer who owns about $95,000 and look at the fancy numbers out here they are
reachable they are reachable you have internships
for beginners you have junior roles for beginners you have job opportunities for
intermediate people Andy and at the end of the day you know you have
professional law your professional level sessions for your raw people your
workforce who want to be trained and artificial intelligence who want to know
more about it and get paid for it amazingly well as well guys so on that
note who is hiring in India guys Yunus is desiring fractal law or fact ill
analytics is hiring iBM is hiring Ernst and Young
ey is hiring Edgewater is hiring music – hiring all as hiring right cool Siemens
true color every one of these companies that we thought might never require
artificial intelligence are hiring guys so let’s say all are right there a cab
company that can provide a company they will use artificial intelligence and
pretty much they can know where the customers are coming from what is the
hot spot in the city where they need to put more cabs what is the shortest route
that you can know they they work with Google basically on the Maps API what is
the shortest route the cab can take this again can help the environment as well
they started carpooling so carpooling will again help more
people come into which is one car and move around this again is a very good
environmental factor as well and it saves a lot of money for Olas it’s a lot
of money for the people who are using it again mu sigma are the very good
analytics company oracle the biggest network company probably simmons
trueCaller even two color ones artificial intelligence these days guys
and all these guys are actively hiring for an artificial intelligence engineers
too so keep in the loop know what they’re hiring for and go for it guys
and for the rest of the world instantly I was hiring LinkedIn is hiring printers
desiring why bur whatsapp Evernote people at Google
basically working on Android Twitter our tumblr
WeChat Facebook I’m just like to name all these companies YouTube is hiring
Vimeo is hiring Amazon is hiring all these guys are always there in the
market I am so astounded by whenever I you know go for our job site and start
looking for something everyone I mean they’re they’re right there for you all
they want is for you to show your skills that you have some set of skills that
you have a certification and dumb snap of your fingers you can get an interview
you can get into the company people at Skype want you people at Adobe you want
to Best Buy PVC British broadcasting channel Google Apple Walmart come on I
want you guys you know I think III don’t think I would ever say this but I want
you guys to be overwhelmed by whatever you see on your screen right now because
I have been a part of a couple of conversations while people say hey this
is not trending anymore all right it’s tough to find a job absolutely not you
just need the right structure the way to go there and you can get your whatever
we all have a dream salaries right guys you can get there you can get there
quicker than anyone else probably and then you can enjoy doing your job as
well how cool is that so on that note again we’re almost wrapping up our
session here so where do we go from here you might be okay cool I want to become
an artificial low intelligence engineer so where do I go from here guys I’ve
been into investing for a long time right now and I can tell you this is the
best quote I’ve ever read and investment in your knowledge will always pay the
best interest there is right how strong is this code I absolutely love it so
knowing that all of this you know investing on your education getting a
better salary out of it is an amazing investment because at the end of the day
thinking about it practically not from a quarter Spector’s you get that salary
that you require so to learn more about the stay in touch with our and telepath
blogs we have a amazing youtube channel out here where we have subject matter
experts putting out content day in and day out to help all of the learners case
so if you’re a learner we’re pretty much here to help you our pave a way for you
and give you a very nice roadmap to take you where you have to go guys so on that
note let us quickly check out the artificial intelligence master’s course
that we are trying to and you guys about here and then you are
this is an amazing course where we have about 10,000 learners and then we get so
much attention for this course especially because we’ve co-created this
with all the people from IBM and then there are experts or you know we have
creators course creators we have all the subject matter experts standing by all
the time of helped us you know create this entire course for us guys again
everything guys you’ll get exclusive access to IBM’s cloud platforms you get
to pretty much you know their cognitive classes you can get into the Watson
cloud lab as well and so much more so to give you the key features of the course
first thing is instructor-led case so you have two things that you can pick up
one is the self-paced training and other one is instructor-led training with
respect to the self-paced training again as the name suggests it is self-paced
case so you might not have the time to come attend our instructor led session
you Andy and you want to do it with your own pace right slow and steady you have
the self-paced training for it but then hey the advantage of an instructor-led
training is that you will have the instructor teaching you life so if you
have any questions you can pause the session then and there
unmute your mic talk to the instructor then and there clear all of your doubts
or you know on the go right so this is amazing this is one aspect all of our
learners absolutely love it’s the instructor-led training and then you
have pretty much two hundred and eighty six hours of projects that you can work
with after every single module you have lifetime access to our courses raised so
every time we put out I mean we keep upgrading our courses or to match with
the current trends every single time and you will have lifetime access to all of
these free upgrades as well so you buy it once you’re with us for your lifetime
base so how cool is that then we have our amazing support team we stand here
24/7 365 days to give you a very good technical support and query resolution
as well you will get certification which is globally recognized because we have
done it with IBM as well iBM is a big name in the industry and guys the
certification has have been pushing through is again amazing to sell
yourself on the market job assistance as well so we pretty much have around 80
plus corporate PI ups where we can help you and then you can attend multiple
batches you can state you in forever with us and you get so much more so we
have a couple of course advisors up so again
David Callaghan is pretty much a hyper ledger and the Big Data Solutions
Architect and then so much more so about the course will be checking out
artificial intelligence domain how data science is helping us importance of
pipes and efficient design of machine learning SAS tools for analytics working
with tableau ms excel calculations are statistics let me just quickly walk you
through our raw index case so we have data science with our we have will be
learning about Python you’ll be learning about everything about there is to know
about machine learning guys look at this so pretty much you’ll set up everything
from the basics pandas introduction supervised learning classification to
regression decision tree random forests need come on it goes on and on right
you’ll come to know the products that we’ll be working on as well you’ll be
learning artificial intelligence deep learning with tensorflow
again look at look at all of these things that you will be exposed to and
knowing that you pretty much can do something on your own is amazing right
we’ll be learning SAS excel tableau and so much more less at the end of it let’s
say around 23 weeks with the instructor-led training you can become a
certified artificial intelligence engineer who has a accredited
certificate by IBM and you can pretty much use this and this is recognized in
all the big companies Cisco Congress and music magenta tex aware sony ericsson
and so much more as well guys so pretty much you will gonna need a certification
you can pretty much click on the link in the description box below right now to
check out a master staining program and then you will be all your way to become
an artificial intelligence engineers guys so I’ll be amazed to see most of
you down there and on this note thank you so much for attending this live
session I hope you have a beautiful day ahead if you have any queries we are we
have our support team standing by 24/7 365 days and we are always happy and
always welcome to help all of our learners and pave a good way for them
guys so I hope to see you all again very soon until then good night

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