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How To Change Careers When You’re Lost – 4 Tips To Successful Career Change

– How do you feel about
your career right now? Are you experiencing burnout? Remember the fire you once had in the beginning of your career? You cannot wait to get up to go to work, to roll up your sleeves,
to get things done, to create, to produce, to innovate. That fire you once had, it’s gone. And now you show up at work. You’re not so sure why you’re even there. And you wonder, and you ponder and you ask yourself, “Is
this what I want to be doing the next two, three, five, 10 years? What’s the purpose of my life? Where am I going?” That void, that emptiness and you’re not so sure
where that comes from. And you’re not sure how
to even fill that void but you know something is not working and something has to change. You’re thinking, should
you change your career? But it’s scary, isn’t it? What am I supposed to do? What if I go into a different industry, what if that doesn’t work? Wouldn’t it be safe to
just stay doing what I do but I don’t like what I do. I want to do something else,
I want to pursue a new career, I want a different environment, I want to work for a different company so how do you change
career when you’re lost? Now I don’t know you, I
don’t know your situation, and I don’t know your background. So all I can do is just share a little bit about my experience, what I have gone through in
my career as an entrepreneur, some of the things that I’ve done and some of the things that I’ve learned and hopefully that will serve you. Number one, get crystal clear. I believe most people don’t
get what they want in life it’s because they don’t
know what they want in life. Your success in life is largely determined by how clear you are with your vision. So what is your ideal lifestyle? What is it that you want to accomplish? Maybe let’s say you want
to travel the world, you want to see and you want
to experience new things. Well, maybe working in an office and stuck in the same cubicle, that’s not what you want to do, that’s not where you want to be. On the other hand, maybe you want to work
with a lot of people, you want to connect. Then working behind a
computer, silo, on your own, being very lonely, that may
not be your thing either right? So get crystal clear. What is your ideal lifestyle? What kind of house do you want to live in? What kind of car do you want to drive? Where do you want to travel? What kind of lifestyle you want
to provide for your family? How much money you want to
make? Income is important. Lifestyle is important, but
income is important as well. Let’s say you are making $60000 a year and your goal is to make $100,000 a year. You want to get to that
six figure income level. Well, if you’re very honest, you can ask yourself and comment below. What are the chances of you
getting to that 100K from 60K doing what you’re doing right now? Be very, very honest. So if what you’re doing right now, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, is not gonna get you there then maybe it’s time to
consider a career change. To think about a different alternative, because if you want to go west, that’s where you want to
go and you’re running east, it doesn’t matter how hard you
work, that’s not gonna help. Career tip number two, understand this. That indecision is a decision. Maybe the people around you
in your life are telling you you should be happy with what you have, you should be content. Like why are you taking unnecessary risk? Why you want to change? See human beings, we
are creatures of habits. We don’t like to change. The problem is, most people in life, they’re playing not to lose
instead of playing to win. So comment below, are
you playing not to lose or are you playing to win? If you are playing to win,
it involves taking some risk. It involves stepping
outside your comfort zone, doing something you’ve never done before. Because here’s what I believe in. You think about our lifespan. Let’s say our average
lifespan is 65 years. Maybe it’s 80 years, maybe
it’s 90 years, doesn’t matter. Let’s say we have 65 years
on this planet earth. Well first of all, the
first 18 years of your life, you’re learning how to walk, how to talk, you’re living under your parents’ roof. You don’t make a lot of
decisions on your own. You’re going to school,
you’re learning a language, you’re learning how to be an adult going from a baby, to a kid,
to a kid, to a teenager, from a teenager to an
adult, the first 18 years. Now that’s gone. One third of your life
is spent on sleeping. We need to sleep, so one
third of that is gone. Now one third of your life
is wasted on entertainment, commute and a lot of different
things and day to day. Laundry, and watching
a movie, watching TV. Wasting time on social media. That’s one third, it’s gone. So if you think about
it, whatever is left, you have maybe 10, 12, 13
years that you could invest in to create the life that you want. Now that’s assuming if you
don’t make any mistakes. If you actually make any mistakes, meaning maybe you’ve lost
some money in business or whatever that you want to do, even just to pay off the student loan that you’ve accumulated,
that takes a few years. You’ve got this much time
to create your ideal life. So for you, you’ve got this much time to create your ideal life. That’s not a lot of time. So by not making a decision
to make a career change, you are making a decision because your indecision is a decision. You have chosen, you have
decided to stay at the same spot and not do anything about it and the time gets shorter,
and shorter, and shorter. You see in life, we all
suffer from two forms of pain. Either the pain of regret
or the pain of discipline. Well the problem is the pain
of discipline weighs ounces and the pain of regret weighs tons. You’ve got to pick one of these two. Which one? Indecision is a decision. Tip number three for career change and that is who you work for
is infinitely more important than what company you work for. You see, you want to pick
someone, a leader, a visionary, a CEO that you trust, that you look up to, that you respect, that you can learn from. It’s very, very critical. You see most people, they think that while I want to work for a big name company with the best benefits and vacation pay, and all that stuff, that’s not the most important. It’s way more beneficial
for your long term career when you can pick a
leader that will teach you, that will coach you,
that will nurture you, that will give you skillsets, that will give you opportunities because those opportunities or whatever knowledge that you
gain, you take it with you. No one can take that away. Imagine if you have the
opportunity to go back and work for Bill Gates and
Jack Ma, and Steve Jobs. What would that be like? Finding that visionary,
which is very, very rare, very, very rare. Sometimes when you work a for
big company, a big name, a lot of those structures
are already built. There are not a lot of opportunities left but most people they suffer
from shortsighted thinking. All they think about, well
how much am I getting paid? All this. What’s my hourly rate? What’s gonna be my vacation pay? All these things, here’s the secret. Pick a high growth company
with a world class visionary. If you could do that, there would be so many
opportunities for you, for growth, for promotions,
also for leadership positions. When you pick a world class, a hyper growth company that’s like this, with a world class
visionary, a true leader who sees where he wants to be and is getting it, and is going there, that person, if you work
within that organization, that’s what you want to do and you will learn so much more. It doesn’t matter in the future whatever that you want to pursue. That experience will be invaluable. Tip number four, which is
the most important tip of all and that is skills over degree. Most people, they think that
in order to have more success they need to go back to school and get a second degree or get an MBA, even though the first degree
didn’t get what they want. They’re not experiencing
the success that they want in the first place. When is more the solution of not enough? That’s not the point. You need to think about okay, maybe it’s not just a
degree, that piece of paper. Skills are more important. Nowadays, companies
are looking for skills. They hire skills, not just that
piece of paper, that degree. That know that is not enough,
that is a lot of time. Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you have common sense and it doesn’t mean you have skills. See, degree only means
that you know something. You passed these exams. You have done these courses,
that’s all it means. Skills on the other hand, means
not just you know something, it means you can do something, meaning that you have the
ability, the capabilities to produce a certain result. Depends on what kind of
skillsets do you have. And skills are transferable. It’s not limited to just one
industry and one company. So whatever skills that
you have developed, you can transfer it to other
industries if you want to and companies are always willing
to pay a premium for that. And that gives you true peace of mind, that gives you true security,
does that make sense? If you’re thinking of a career change and you’re not so sure, what is the ideal skill for you to pursue that you should focus on and master based on your personality,
based on your personal strength? I’ve created a special test for you. You can take it, it takes
less than five minutes, you can click the link here and it will tell you exactly
which path you should take. And what are some of the things that you should consider
before you make that move? So go ahead, take the test right now and I think you’ll be shocked and you’ll be pleasantly
surprised by the results.

65 Replies to “How To Change Careers When You’re Lost – 4 Tips To Successful Career Change”

  • I've definitely felt burned out. We spend so much time working so its important to actually enjoy it. To anyone who feels lost remember your situation is only temporary. Hang in there. ❤

  • Dan you are the man! When I'm solo travelling and making 'Travelling Inspiration' videos I always find your videos inspiring, thank you

  • I have had this happen 4 times I had a fire to do wholesaling real estate but it died and I stopped then got a job and my fire ignited again and then things changed and boom downfall. Now I'm a youtuber making videos I have over 180 videos it's a fire that hasn't stopped yet really appreciate the value keep it up Dan

  • Hi Dan. I’m in that boat right now! After nearly eleven years in insurance I’m doubting it as future career…🤷🏽‍♂️🤕

  • Must have taken you years to have such tremendous level of experience in virtually all aspects of business work and life in general. That’s my focus at moment just develop myself to be best I can be!

  • I planned to win and my goal is to complete travelling solo and on land around the workd. It is hard by I've already covered a few countries

  • 1:35 Tip 1: Get crystal clear
    3:15 Tip 2: Indecision is a decision
    6:02 Tip 3: Who you work for is more important than what company you work for
    8:12 Tip 4: Skills over a degree

  • Hey Dan what happened at the Castle seminar this year… You've changed! You look f*cked up and emotionless :/ What happened to the old good-hearted and understanding Dan?

  • I was told to always make things simple but with accuracy decisions like(which ever directions the sun shines) cover that direction but now.I have found out that siding the shadow of another successful man might be simpler…

  • Real advice that will provide real results if heard and followed.

    Another stand out video from the norm.

    You can’t put a value on the advice and guidance from this video.

    It’s been a year now on this journey with you and am so grateful for it every single day.

    I was lost but through your HTC program I found my new career, my clarity and my family.

    As always, thank you for sharing and serving.


  • You mentioned highincomcopywriters is an introductury course?

    So you're planning on not teaching enough so you can sell another course right?

  • The main problem is not people don't know who they want to be and what do they want, but that there is a huge imbalance between supply and demand, there aren't many those supergrowth smart companies with world class Leaders without ego.

    Majority of businesses are the ones who aren't sure what they are doing and how to bring talent full of grit, resilience, resourcefulness, 20 years vision and ambition. Heck, a lot of businesses don't even want smart people, innovate, learn, and change.

    Recruitment is so broken and outdated with so many "mediocre not smart" recruiters in their comfort zones who are disconnected from these Leaders and who follow basic instructions how to read useless CV and match some keywords, and then they insult you by telling you have no skills they need.

    If. for example, company will receive Dan Lok's Resume, he, in most, cases won't even get a phone call and recruiter will send an automated message telling Dan he has no skills and background they are looking for. From recruiter's point of view highly successful profile will be way much different from what he/she get used to and will think about a candidate who doesn't know how to write a standard mediocre CV like everyone else, can't be like everyone, be part of the team, etc; while that world class Leader wouldn't even read that piece of sheet and would approach Dan immediately.

    Majority companies want exactly those mediocre office 9-6 or 9-9-6 slaves, and Business Owners, who so often have ego, delegate recruiting to students and people who simply don't know how to understand a high potentials and achievers.

    So again, it's not about you don't want to sit in front of PC in the office whole your life and about you willing to travel a lot. It's about you don't have a big choice and many people do job they don't like because of that.

    The only way to escape this "Rat Race" is to become an entrepreneur, yet, almost nobody is hiring intrapreneurs, who will solve any challenge, work no matter what to get sh*t done and will do it very well, and don't need a supervisor telling them what to do or explaining obvious difference between a crappy result and a high quality result which just works.

  • I am 20 years old and really want to quit my 9-5 job but only have 2 months left until I receive my apprenticeship qualification. My family are telling me that I have to stay at it but I just don’t see this qualification aiding me in the future because I want to become self employed. I’m still living at home with my parents so I want to get started while I don’t have many outflows. I’ve been working for over a year now, should I just hold off until the end or follow my gut and leave?

    Any advice is very valuable to me.

  • 22 here. Decided to stop studying finance (I work it too) and try get into medicine. Yes I may not but I’m willing to try even if I fail

  • I appreciated this one Dan. That quiz is extremely helpful. Reading through it set somethings straight for me. I advise everyone to take that quiz if you're serious about what you want to do.

  • Important think to keep in mind is that there is good in the confusion.
    That means that you don't like what you do and that you have to take a turn in life.

  • I have this thing when I just can't stop working! It is driving me crazy but I can't help. I don't see my friends and family as much as I used to and normal person would feel a need to see them, but I am okay alone with my work. I think it is unhealthy and will eventually make me fall without energy.

  • There is a third type of pain – pain of making a decision to win, fail and fall in debt with no options to get rid of it.

  • I took the high income skills test and feel like you NAILED IT Dan! Right down to the copywriter suggestion. (I happen to be a 20K per letter MMO Copywriter)

  • I got an enormous ideas everytime i see this man. Kudos to you Mr. Dan Lok. Almost everything about being a salesman and where your leading your career life are those great ideas you are profoundly expert about. No doubts.

  • Yes, exactly the point I'm at. The only thing that is really hard is getting out of your job and get the time to learn or experience something new. You need a timeout. Right now I'm working from 9-5 and work on my own projects till 2am. You can imagine how that affects my mood, my health, my concentration. My biggest help is caffeine. I only have 3 months I can survive without a job on my savings and try and make it happen to have an entrepreneur life. Your job tries to prevent you from moving forward because they want you to spend as much time as possible on your occupation. You need to get out of the system first. Then you can start moving forwards without getting sick. I'm gonna make it. At least I give my best.

  • Sifu Dan, your teaching gave me clarity that I should have learned in 5th grade. It is what it is. Now I am in control. Learning from you gave me the most clarity in my life. Now I will help my clients with their clarity. Clarity is our power.

  • I created an Amazon business and that is awesome. Never thought this would be possible. Making 5 or even 6 figures per month. Change is key to success. Thank you so much Dan. It’s very inspiring and the background doesn’t really matter. Get Chrystal clear and set goals. 💪🏼

  • Thank you Shifu Dan for talking to us as a fatherly figure. I hope you achieve greater success in life as well 💪💪

  • Thanks, Dan, this is so true, especially #4 "skills over degree". I have a master's degree but no particularly horned skill… I wish I can be mentored or trained but time is running out for me… It takes me back to your #1 and 2. Thank you for giving me a little confirmation to step forward and out asap!

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