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How To Deal With Burnout In Your Career

– How do you deal with
burnout in your career? Do you feel like sometimes
that you are overwhelmed by very simple tasks, or no matter how much you sleep, how much you rest, you still feel exhausted
by the end of the day? Or maybe you are just
emotionally shut down and you don’t know how to
deal with all these things and all the tasks that
are in front of you. What inspired me to create
this particular video for you today is because recently, I had a dear friend of mine
who experienced burnout. I mean, very devastating,
very serious burnout that she could not
actually physically move and do very simple things. And it took her weeks and weeks just to get a little bit
better, to turn the corner. And I thought to myself, hmm, I wonder how many people
experience this issue and also what are some of the things that I do in my career, in my life, to deal with overwhelm and
overcome some of these issues. So I’m not telling you what you should do, I’m simply sharing with you what I do. So first, let’s define burnout exactly. What is the definition of a burnout? I believe the definition
of burnout is a state of mental and physical exhaustion, while leaving you feeling at rock bottom, feeling alone, or unable to cope. That’s a burnout. So why do we experience burnout? Because if you don’t know
why we experience it, it’s very difficult to solve
this particular problem. Now what I notice is in
my own business career, in the beginning, it is very easy for me to experience overwhelm,
experience burnout, that by the end of the
day, I just felt drained. I felt like the life sucked out of me. And it would be very, very difficult and even though I was very driven, I could push through, but
I felt tired all the time and wasn’t sure why,
why do I feel that way? What I noticed is now I have grown up and now I’m a little
bit more mature, wiser, and I’ve gone through a lot of things. The me today could take on so much more in terms of responsibilities,
in terms of productivity. I could do so much more. Let’s say if that’s today,
that’s me back then. So why am I able to handle so much more without feeling burnout
compared to who I was before? Kinda like what is the secret? What I noticed is is this. When I have a conversation
with someone who’s burned out, I will ask them, well,
why do you feel this way? They might say something like, well, I don’t know, it’s
just there’s so much to do. I just feel like I don’t
know how to get started and I don’t know, I’m
tired, I don’t get it. And I notice as I go deeper, I asked them, so, why do you feel that way? Well, ’cause I’m afraid, if it doesn’t work what would happen? I don’t wanna disappoint my family, I don’t wanna disappoint myself. I don’t wanna disappoint
the people around me. I don’t wanna feel that way. And I notice usually,
it’s very much fear based. They are afraid of losing something. When you boil it down, that’s usually what it is. It’s some form of fear and
that triggers the burnout. Does that make sense? So think a little bit deeper. And what I realize is
if when I start the day, my day, which one of
my morning routines is I always start off with
attitude of gratitude. Every morning, I spend 10 minutes focusing on what I am grateful for. The little things in life. The ability to breathe. The ability to see, the ability to hear. The ability to communicate,
express my feelings. The ability to walk. Have family and friends
who care about me in life. The little things. You see, human beings,
we are very interesting. You cannot experience gratitude
and fear at the same time. At any given moment, you’re
grateful or you’re fearful. When you’re grateful,
you cannot be fearful. When you’re fearful,
you cannot be grateful. Well, how does that apply to burnout? If you start the day with gratitude and you’re grateful, your fear disappears. When your fear disappears, there’s nothing to be afraid
of, there’s nothing to lose. Because you know that while
you’re striving for more, to be more so you can
do more and give more, you’ve got everything you want and everything you need
right now in your life. You’re better off than
most people out there. There are people out
there, don’t have food, don’t have security, don’t
have a roof over the head. What could you be grateful for? You start with that,
then the fear disappears, burnout disappears. What I realize is also when people focus on themselves too much,
it’s me, me, me, me, me, they get burnout easily. Let’s say you’re working at a
corporation, a corporate job and you wanna get that promotion. You wanna get promoted,
you want that pay raise. You’re competitive,
it’s dog-eat-dog world, and you work, and you work, and you work, it’s very easy to get burnout because you are driven by
your own ego most of the time. Ego is a very powerful fuel but it is very, very dangerous. Just like you have gasoline, you light it, it disappears, you see a fire, but it disappears, it doesn’t last. Instead, you have a strong why that you focus on other people. I find that that is the way
more powerful fuel that has more power, more longevity. So people get burnout
because they are disconnected with a true why, what drives
them, beyond than just ego. And one more tip I want
to share with you is I also notice when people get burnout and they don’t know how
to deal with the overwhelm is they are perfectionist. They try to make everything perfect. Everything has to be lined up, that they cannot even afford
one tiny bit of error. And they’re so uptight
and here’s what happens, when you focus on not making mistakes, guess what you do, you make mistakes. And that’s how you get burnout. So today I can handle so much more because I start the day with gratitude, what am I grateful for? Being content with what I
have while striving for more. Not because I need more to complete me. Not because I need more for validation. For to seek approval from others, but for my own personal growth. It’s a self-discovery process. Second, focus on your why, a bigger why beyond than yourself. You’ll experience less burnout. And forget trying to be perfect. Progress over perfection. Even a little bit of progress, fail forward, make those
mistakes, it’s no big deal. In the big scheme of
things, nobody gives a damn. People only care about the outcome. In between, nobody cares. Just like making a video. I stumble a word here
and there, that’s okay. It’s not perfect, that’s okay. As long as my fans, my audience, is getting value, do you care? Oh, I speak this word wrong, that’s not grammatically
correct, or I miss a thing here, or I don’t pronounce that
word perfectly, who cares? Nobody cares, but when you
focus on those little things, it prevents you from delivering value. It prevents you from doing your best and that’s how you get all uptight and that’s how you get burnout. Nowadays, rarely, rarely
I experience burnout and I do a lot more than most people. I have a lot more on my
shoulders than most people and I’m responsible for a lot
more things than most people. Yet I don’t experience it, not because I’m this superhuman, it’s because I focus on those things. If you find this helpful, test it out. Test out these techniques
and comment below and let me know how they work for you and how you feel afterwards and see if that makes a
difference in your life. And don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel. Hit the Subscribe button and
share this video with a friend or family member who may be experiencing a little bit burnout and maybe this video will help them and just brighten their
day just a little bit.

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