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How to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life (Ikigai / Career Sweet Spot) + Free Worksheet

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Lavendaire. Today I want to talk about how to figure out what to do with your life,
especially if you’re in the early stages of being lost. Maybe you’re young, you don’t know where to
take your life. Or maybe you’ve been going down your path
in one direction, and then you’re like, “Wait. I don’t know if I want to keep doing this
for the rest of my life.” So you’re trying to see what you’re going
to do next. Before I go into it, I do have to note that
there’s not one thing that you’re supposed to do with your life. There are an array of options that you could
take your life. So it’s entirely up to you. And also: there is a possibility that you
feel like you want to do this thing for this number
of years and maybe you’ll change and then you want to do something else. I don’t think that life is one set path. There are loops and turns and maybe you’ll
go back to something else, and I don’t know. There’s no way to predict it, but there are
ways to hone in on some clues on what you could be doing with
your life that will make you feel fulfilled, as well as giving you a way to make a living. The way I see it is: You’re born with a set
of gifts, strengths, and talents, and you’re meant to use those. And as you go through life, you’re going to
pick up skills here and there, and I believe you’re meant
to use all of those skills as well. You’re equipped with this set of resources,
and you’re meant to use those to do something that you love, something that
contributes to the world and helps others in some way, and also something
that can help you make money, make a living. Because that’s gonna enable you to keep doing
more of what you love. So there’s definitely a sweet spot where all
of these things overlap and that’s the area where you should be looking towards when deciding
what to do with your life. If you’ve seen my “How to Find Your Purpose
in Life” video–I’ll link it right here– it’s very similar to finding your purpose. But today I want to focus more in terms of
career, what you can do with your life career-wise. In that purpose video, a subscriber actually recommended I check
out the Japanese concept of ikigai. So I checked it out and I was like, “Whoa. This is basically what I’m getting at.” It’s so similar so I thought I’d share that
as well. Ikigai basically means a reason for living. It’s your reason for getting up in the morning. They break it down into four parts and then
the area where it overlaps in the middle is called your “ikigai”. Or I call it “your sweet spot”. You could also call it your purpose or your
mission in life. Whatever label you want to put on it, it’s
essentially the same thing. It’s what to do with your life. The first area is what you’re good at. These are your gifts, your talents, and your skills, whatever you have in your
arsenal. The second part is what you love to do. These are your passions, your interests, your curiosities, things that spark something
in you that get you excited. The next section is what the world needs. These are ways you can contribute to the world, ways you can help others or help society in
some way. The last section is what you can be paid for. These are things you can do that people would pay you for. Brainstorm your skills, things you can offer
to the world. Once you can list out all the things in each
of these four sections, figure out what can overlap. What is in that middle? What is in that sweet spot? And that is your ikigai or your purpose or your reason for living,
what you should do with your life. For those of you who want to work through
this exercise on paper. I’ve made a free worksheet you can download
if you click here or in the description below. If you also want to just save this graphic,
maybe pin it on Pinterest, I put it up on my blog. Links are down below. I’ll just share what I wrote down on my worksheet
so maybe that can spark some inspiration for you when you’re working through yours. “What I’m good at”: I feel like I’m good at
making videos. I’m good at writing. Marketing. Anything to do with visuals, whether it’s
graphic design, photography. I’m good at music. I can sing. I can play piano by ear. I’m good at organizing and planning. And I’m pretty good at directions, like remembering
where I came from and not getting lost, things like that. Things that I love: I love art, visuals, photography,
music. I love performing. I love learning. I love reading. I love improving myself, I love growing. I love sharing things I’m excited about. I love dancing, traveling, exploring new things. And I love getting inspired. In “What the world needs”, I wrote: millennials
on YouTube teaching and talking about self-help and living your
dreams because before I started this channel, I couldn’t really find people my age talking
about this. I just learned it from old people in books. I truly believe the world needs more people
who are confident, loving, supportive, and proactive. People who are actively going for their dreams and giving their best for the world instead
of just settling for what society told them to do. And lastly “Things I could be paid for”: copywriting,
photography, or videography. Social media marketing, a job that requires
organizing or planning. Content-creating, video-editing. Even things like teaching piano, teaching
English. Uber driving because I’m great at driving
and I’m great at directions. But yeah, you guys get the point. After filling out the four areas, I would see if there were any things that
I wrote in all four categories that could overlap and become part of that ikigai. You have to use some creativity here because it might not be so obvious. Obviously, for me, I know that what I am doing
now is something that I love and that I want to
keep doing for the rest of my life. So I feel like I’ve found my ikigai, at least
for now. And so it’s pretty clear for me that I can put all my gifts and talents into
the content-creating business that I have right now. But I do want to note how there are things
in certain bubbles but not all four bubbles. For example: I love music, I love singing,
and I was pursuing music for some time, but I realized it wasn’t contributing to the
world in the way I wanted to contribute to the world. For example: I felt like, with songs, you
can only do so much. Yeah, you can inspire people but it’s not really a direct impact where
I will actively change people’s lives. And I was seeking that direct influence to
be able to help people live their dream. With music, it wasn’t exactly helping the
world in the way that I wanted to help, and it wasn’t exactly giving me as much of
an income as I wanted to live my dream life. And if we look at the last bubble, I could
totally be making a living teaching piano or teaching English in a different country
or even Uber driving, but how much of a waste would it be to just teach piano if I had all
these other gifts of writing and designing, taking photos. So you have to find a way where all these
four things overlap because if you just do something that’s in
one circle or in two circles or even three, you’re missing one other area that’s pretty
crucial. So now, I hope you guys got a better sense
of how you can start to discover what your sweet spot is, what your ikigai
is. Let me know how it goes. Alright, last resource that I want to point
you guys to is this video that I made called “Find Those Moments Where You Shine”
because I realize that even after you do this exercise and this worksheet,
it might not be clear what you should do. It might help you figure out the direction,
but you still have to live life and explore a little bit. So, in that video, basically what I talked
about it: Start paying attention to moments where you’re shining, where you’re glowing,
moments where you’re at your best and you feel like things are just so fun,
things are happening easily because– Just keep an eye on those moments. Be aware because those are clues that you are doing what you should be doing
with your life. For example: I’ve been taking a lot of dance
classes and each class there’s a different teacher, but I notice that some teachers have more
of a glow to them than others. And it’s because those teachers, maybe they’re
glowing because that’s exactly what they’re meant to be doing. They’re meant to be teaching, they’re meant
to empower other people through dance. And in those classes, it’s especially empowering
and inspiring, even if it’s just a hip hop dance class VS
other teachers, I don’t get the same feeling. Maybe those teachers are just good dancers,
but they’re not meant to be teaching. Not to say that they can’t teach at all, but
maybe that’s not where they’re supposed to thrive. So find those moments where you come alive
and you’re thriving and you feel amazing. For me, I feel alive and I feel like I’m shining
when I’m performing or when I’m in the flow of creating a visual document like the worksheet
that I created for you guys. I have a lot of fun doing that. Even when I was in business school, the class that I excelled at was called Business
Communications where we had to write business memos. I had to format all of this visual information in bullet points and make boxes . And I had
a lot of fun with that and I got like an A++ in that class, because
I was so good at making things that are similar to the worksheets that I
create now. It’s so funny, right? So download that worksheet, do this exercise,
but also start paying attention to moments where you shine, moments where you’re thriving
and you’re at your best because these are all the clues that can help
you figure out what to do with your life. Good luck! I really hope you find it because when you
find that thing that you’re meant to do, you’re gonna feel so happy. Your life is gonna feel so full, and you’re
gonna bring your best to the world, which means that we
get the benefits of having your best. You contribute to society, and you make a
living doing what you love, doing what you’re good at. That’s the best of everything. Thank you so much for watching. Please comment below if you plan on doing the exercise because I’m really curious
to hear your thoughts and your results. Alright, see you next time. Bye!

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