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how did I land that job out of college
hey what’s up everybody CPA strength here strongest CPA that you know I’m
here for another video yes I think that’s pretty obvious
because I’m here and you just clicked on a new video anyways this one is going to
be from Community College – CPA it’s going to be part of the series I’m
making a new series I love making series so I didn’t know it’s just like I think
it’s a critical step from community Community College – CPA and then of
course me being me I’m doing it out of order how did I land that job out of
college okay now for other people who don’t like the lead-in and the story
time which is the best part Craigslist I found enough Craigslist
okay there are you happy please if that’s what you want – please
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else hey what’s up you know it’s like I don’t
have time it takes forever okay no okay you’ve got what yeah I mean see how like
now I’m just trying to make I’m just I’m just making a little point here that if
I just say how did I find a job Craigslist you’re like okay ah I need to
you know now I’m gonna spend like eight eight eight minutes or whatever on how
did I find a job and why was that cool that I found it off Craigslist and the
snap of all the bah so disclaimer this is I’m filming this is October 2017 when
I was looking for jobs it was October of 2013 it was four years ago and I can’t
believe it’s been four years and yet because I I got a job at a CPA from when
I worked there for two years and then I’ve worked at my own accounting firm
for two years so it’s four years since I looked for this job
I didn’t just go from my college degree I’m sorry little background on me if
this is the first time you’ve watched a video is I have a I went I went back to
school or Community College at age 31 graduated with the county degree from
Florida Nanuk University at age 35 and in the summer of 2012
and then the next tax season I worked at H&R Block I haven’t talked about that
yet then the following after that tax season I started looking looking for a
like a quote unquote like real real job of salary I needed I needed under a CPA
because I wanted to be a CPA so this is how I got that job and hmm locks very integral or very important I believe
like it theory the reason I got the job in the CPA firm is because I had a
season of H&R Block under my belt and how did I know I could do or wanted to
do HR block it’s because I did the vitae program and volunteered so I was like
boom the butterfly effect off most I guess sounds yeah it’s something small
but as I need you just keep one just keep plugging away positively man just
keep doing things and you know what you know what’s right thing inside right
like am i doing good yeah do you like to think you know you know if it’s good
just do good stuff just keep on doing good stuff I worked at each I got my
county degree work to HR block for a season the tax season ends and I want to
say the years because I don’t know if you do Craigslist now four years later
but when you’re watching this maybe Craigslist is still a good place to get
a job for you know to let’s get to those freaking story JD let’s get to the story
buddy so I was looking for a job how do I find a job and what job that I need I
needed a job with a CPA who worked there because I needed to to work mm
under or around a CPA that was willing to write you know to the state of
Florida or the state that that you’re in or whatever the state of Florida in my
case that’s hey this guy worked 2,000 hours in a year for me and he’s he knows
what he’s doing he could be a CPA so it was like not the easiest thing to do so
I thought that I would just go around I thought I would so so I thought that I
would just you know I wasn’t gonna win anything in a resume that’s why you know
I things I went I don’t have really anything on a resume I’m like 35 I have
like a season I reached our block and then the season volunteer work so it’s
like what did you do for 16 other years buddy it’s like so I thought man I
thought I’m just gonna walk into places right because then I’m gonna get lucky
I’m gonna walk into the right place at the right time someone is gonna see me
right someone is gonna someone is gonna say oh man I need somebody not the case
not the case and now when I was going for accounting places or professional
places or the places I was going for it I ran across that if it’s a if it’s like
a decent-sized company they’re gonna say you know how to apply like you could
show up with your resume in hand because that’s what I was doing and they would
say oh you apply online like that’s just what you do like what do you take my
resume well you know you’ll apply online and then it’s just like you’re taking
it’s like a online resume it’s like going it’s like does anybody
even get that am i upsetting an email you know if you don’t send a lot of
emails and then and then you try sending one for a job resume and then you never
hear back you’re like tight do it right right know how to do an email so I thought I would just walk into
places so I was getting that you know a big plate so it’s like a smaller place
is a meeting you know medium small plates you know ten employees four to
ten employees I was thinking I’ll hit him up so I went I wasn’t you know the
Fort Lauderdale at the time of job search at the time of this video for
Arnold Florida and I I thought oh I looked at CPA like i google-searched in
wherever on the maps and I just was like oh my lord the the closest ones first to
where I’m living and then eventually like I mean there’s a ton of them like
there’s like 50 of them in here like I’ll eventually find some so I went out
full of piss and vinegar I guess you know I mean it wasn’t my favorite but I
was like man I gotta find a job if I got to do this you know I’m saying I just
went to school I got a degree I worked hit for block like yo like it’s just
it’s just so it has to be done so I started going out and not like these
little places like people weren’t at their office like look at me I’m not in
my office you know second that’s it you know the order the office the people
that work there offense I say would you take my resume no no we’re not hiring
you know well would you just take my resume because it makes me feel I got to
do something and they’re like I’m not gonna look at it so it’s like I couldn’t
even give away my resume like if I could if I could give up like if I could just
have like two people a day out of like five or ten places you know to even take
the resume so I got no no calls I got like one little nibble but it was like
nothing just cuz it happened to be the secretary the secretary of like putting
a good word for me but he didn’t need anything so anyway so it’s kinda
dejected I was like is this gonna happen for me I just went around everywhere so I don’t
know I mean I’ve been I’ve been on all the Yahoo Yahoo Messenger all the
Craigslist dating sites all the dating sites you know what I’m saying
and so Craigslist was just like a weird like dating site to me like weird people
are on crack six did other stuff like so I thought like patio for used gym
equipment or something it I thought it was used gym equipment and you know nude
pics or whatever dating weird people on dating site so I don’t know I guess I
was on there for for dating site because the guy gets lonely and then I was like
jobs and I was like you could do jobs on Craigslist – so I’m like okay I don’t
know so I had been going out for like a month now and I had not got a really a
nibble on anything so I put out I put out some answered some things on
Craigslist like hey I’m your guy I’m home and like I like the third second or
third email I did you know it’s easy to do one of these replies it’s like hey
I’m your guy you know like I’m your guy you know it’s easy it’s like so just I
think like the third one I did I got I got I got an interview and I was like
wow okay so then I was nervous that I’ll get an interview so I had to interview
there was this really good book that got recommended to me
and because I was so nervous on the job interview and this book was saying
that you know the person enter like just how do you want this job so bad the
person interviewing you wants to fill this role so bad like you know you just
you’ll take any job you’re looking for jobs you just want a job you will work
you know and put yourself in the the person looking you know he needs this
he’s you know where do you find a person he put an ad in Craigslist so now
someone’s coming in and he just wanted to see he just wants to find someone who
he thinks is normal and has a good skill set and a good attitude he just wants to
fill the job so he can go back to his normal life so think about that so I’m
just like okay just be yourself just be normal you know just he wants to date
they want to fill this job as bad as you want this job so just think about that
too like no one like they don’t enjoy the job interview either they just want
to get this done so the other thing that got me through this like book it was
like you know you know in your hearts that you’d rather get abducted by aliens
right now then go in this job interview and I’m like yeah I was thinking about
getting probed in all these weird places and I was like yeah I probably rather do
that than go to this chocolate room right now so it’s just saying you know
everybody hates the job interview everybody hates it just everybody hates
it it’s something you have to do the person interviewing just wants somebody
normal just get it over with and then do something nice for yourself you know go
buy yourself a nice t-shirt or you know go get a milkshake you know like do
something you like to do you know you’ve conquered the fears whatever I did not
get that job well hold on I didn’t hear anything so I put in like two more
emails on Craigslist got a response got another interview
felt like I did good on that first interview but there was no CPA there
there was just an enrolled agent so I didn’t really want that job but I was
willing to take it because I was willing to take anything crush the second
interview couple days after I did that I got a job offer from the second
interview so then I had a job I was starting like in a month or some during
the next year next tax season so then during that month I got a call from the
first place I interviewed for and they offered me a job and I said oh I’m sorry
I already have another job I don’t need your job anymore I’m sorry so so I went
from no jobs to turning a job down just cuz I kept pushing forward I thought a
little bit out of the box I thought I was out of the box going in places
personally that didn’t work for me Craigslist worked for me I hope you
liked the video I love making these videos I can’t wait till I make this
video tomorrow oh my god what a blessed life deuces


  • That is such a great feeling, being able to turn down something you though you desperately needed. Great videos. A lot of people never share their back story, or people always think that success just happens overnight.

  • I love your videos. I have 2 years left before I complete my Bachelors in Accounting. Your videos are very informational and personable. Thanks for your help!

  • Hello, Jonathan I was wondering if in your accounting videos if you could create a self assessment quiz in your videos description for people to test themselves and hopefully not forget important things about accounting. These self-assessment quiz I believe would be very helpful for me and your viewers because I plan to study in The University of Waterloo for accounting and well I would want to know if I know everything before heading off to university. I've created a test quiz using google slides to show you what I mean by a self-assessment quiz. The quiz is not completed but it's just meant to give you a quick idea of what these quizzes would look like.

    You can preview my test quiz here:

  • Statistically, 5 out of 6 candidates do not manage to complete CPA within first 5 years.
    Please comment about how accomplishable is it.

    You are doing a great job with your chanel. Thanks

  • Your videos are so helpful of how the job market really is. Believe it or not I have gone back to school at the age of 64. I will be graduating next May 2019. Of course for me watching your videos, I am doing accounting. There is so much more to my story, there is simply not enough room on this page.

  • "What did you do for 16 other years buddy"

    Lmao I can't imagine what your response was. "Uhh I worked at a hospital as a patient" jk

  • I’d love to be a CPA someday but how do you get experience first? Even H&R Block? Seems like you’d need experience just to do taxes🤷🏼‍♂️

  • bahahahaha i love your description of craigs list. Patio furniture, workout equipment and nude pics lmao!!!

    Love your videos btw.

    P.s. could you do a video on how to make an entry level accounting resume? Im in my second year of my degree and i would like to get my foot in the door but i have no experience and i dont know how write my resume…..

  • I'm just starting school for accounting. I think you should open your own CPA firm and hire older people who got their degree so they can get their CPA. Win Win for everyone 🙂

  • I am currently in the same situation. A month away from graduating and not sure if I really know how to be an accountant. No relevant work experience for accounting and every internship wants 2+ years of relevant experience or a freshman in college. Sort of lost as to what I should do but these videos are a lot of help! Just signed up for the VITA program and submitted a resume for H&R Block. Hopefully I get the same results as you. Trying to some day own my own CPA business as well.

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