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How to Find a Job in the Changing Job Market : Look for Job Openings

Alright, the next thing we’re going to do
is we’re going to start to look for job openings. And how are we going to do that? Well there’s
lots of resources. You can certainly look in the newspaper. All different types of newspapers
and trade magazines have, usually have classified sections. Take a look and see what’s in there,
who’s hiring, what are they paying. What information is in that ad so you can see as much as you
can see about the job. I think newspapers are great resource but another resource that’s
become very, very popular, although in my opinion not yet completely proven, is the
internet. There are, there are a lots of search engines, Monster, lots of places where you
can go where there’s a whole lot of different jobs listed. You can take a look at what’s,
what jobs are available on those sites. Or since you’ve already picked out a specific
company, you might go specifically to that company’s website and see if it’s listed on
their website what jobs they have currently open. So we’re going to start to take a look
around at what’s available out there, what it’s paying, are we interested in it.

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