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How to Find a Power BI Job (Guaranteed!) in 3 Genuine Steps 🀝🏼

5 Replies to “How to Find a Power BI Job (Guaranteed!) in 3 Genuine Steps 🀝🏼”

  • Hi Avi – Like the video however i'm pretty certian that if I showcased all my power BI Work my current employer would go mental! Its their data not mine. Plus work carried out during work hours usually belongs to the employer. I have been using PowerApps and PowerBi along with sharepoint for years. The apps and Power BI reports basically run a Β£6,000,000 a year company – all created by myself. Might consider moving on πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • Hello Avi,
    Please guide me how we can auto refresh the Power BI Report, If the Data source is taken from the Web? And that data get automatically refreshed on the website after every 5 mins. How can I linked the same auto refreshing to Power Bi report?.

  • Hi Avi,
    Could you please post interview questions and answers? There are many sets of questions available on Internet, however few tips and tricks if you can provide that will be more helpful.

  • Great video, my two cents on #3:

    1) You must do research on the company and it's industry to be prepared with good questions and answers.

    2) Ask open ended questions that cannot be answered by yes/no, such as "can you tell me how you are currently using Excel for reporting?" Your goal being to find a business problem that you can solve better with Power BI.

    3) The most powerful problem/solution is one that will help your prospect with their customer. Think, "who is my customer's customer and how can I help them keep, get more or serve them better with Power BI insights.

    4) Imagine you already have the job. What would you need to know, so you could get started? Ask questions accordingly and listen carefully, then ask more follow up questions to learn/show how interested you are in helping them succeed with Power BI.

    5) Take control of the interview early by asking good questions and getting them to do more talking while you listen, rather than waiting to the end for them to ask if you have any. You may not need to answer many tough technical or bogus gotcha questions (e.g. your greatest weakness).

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