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How to find and apply for jobs on

Hi, my name is Dina from, and in today’s video how you can search and apply to jobs online it’s completely free and employers can contact
you directly should your qualifications fit the role. We have thousands of fresh
jobs everyday so let’s get you started There are two ways that you can find a
job on the first is using the search bar here you can enter a job title you are interested in but remember to select your location from the drop-down
menu the second way is to go to “Jobs” and click on “Find Jobs” Let’s run a quick search together for a
job in the UAE let’s say for example you’re looking for
a civil engineering role in the search bar, let’s type “Civil Engineer” and hit “Search” On the right side you will see all the available job vacancies related to your search The text in Blue indicates the job title, follows the text in grey which highlights the company name and location
and a brief description of the job. On the left side you will find a number of filtration tools
that you can use to help you further narrow down your search result and find what you are looking for Once you find a job that you’re
interested in click on the job title for more
information such as the job description skills, education and much more to apply, simply click on the “Apply Now” button but make sure that your CV is complete
in order for employers to see it The final step in the process is to preview the information the employer will receive, first make sure your CV is selected and complete if you have more than one CV, select
the one that best fits this postion double-check your contact details as
employer will contact you directly, and finally select an existing cover letter if you don’t have one you can create a new one by providing the content and saving it by selecting “Save to my cover letters” Now your application is complete, to apply click on “Apply Now” Thanks for watching this video make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more of our expert videos and good luck with your job hunt!

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  • ليه الشرح بالإنجليزي طالما الجمهور المستهدف عرب مش أجانب .. المفروض الشرح يكون بالعربي عشان يفيد أكبر قدر ممكن من الباحثين العرب عن عمل .. فعلا لو كان بالعربي كانت الإفادة نسبتها وصلت لـ100%.. ياريت عن قريب نشوف فيديوهات بتشرح نفس الكلام لكن بالعربي بدل الإنجليزي

  • دبلوم لغة و اداب فرنسية عمل خبرة عمل 4 سنوات مستمر +6 اشهر تربص اريد العمل في قطر رحمكم الله اخوكم من الجزائر

  • قم بالتأكيد على بريدك الإلكتروني للإنطلاق" لااعرف كيف اقوم بالتاكيد على بريدي الالكتروني"

  • the title should be how to get conned by Bayt .com and to sign in for a fake job bulletin board, I signed up for a three months premium membership with those con artist , they deducted a whole year membership instead of just the three months that I agreed to for and I did not get a single Job from those con artist , I do not recommend anybody signing up with them and paying his/her hard earned for nothing .

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