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How To Get A Job – Job Hunting Tips

Hi there Ian Jenkins from and chances are you landed on this video because you wanted to know
more about the topic of how to find a job well in this video I’m going to show
you the best way to find a job so that way you could find the right job in less
time now when I was unemployed for nearly nine months i tried all sorts of
ways to find a job i use multiple job boards linkedin I spent hours combing
through company websites and I networked with everyone that I knew now all this work and you know what I
didn’t get a single interview not one that’s when I made one small change in
how I search for a job well take a look at this mind map here now remember I
went from zero interviews in nine months 34 interviews in just five weeks using
this technique You want to know what I did? well let me ask you this have you ever
asked someone for a job or lead to a job right most of us have what kind of
response did you get back did it sound something like send me your
resume and i’ll let you know if I hear anything but did you ever hear anything
back most of us don’t so what exploded the
number of interviews and I was getting was changing the question that I was
asking my contacts easy i change my question from asking for a job to asking
for career advice now this little change made all the difference now why you ask well when you ask for advice you make
the other person feel really important and they like to help you and everyone
likes that feeling of being helpful so i went from advice meeting to advise
meeting with hiring managers in all sorts of organizations and this can be
valuable exposure to job opportunities before they were put on job board so
those five weeks i landed two job offers without any competition so if you feel
like you’re stuck behind a computer and you can’t get into interviews that
you’ve got to try this approach because instead of feeling at the mercy of job
boards you put yourself in control of your job
search and bring your confidence back now by simply changing the question that i
was using in my job search I changed my career and my life that’s
what I could easily say that this is the fastest and best way to find a job so I
hope you found this little tip bit useful and can use this technique for landing
more job interviews so that way you can find the right job and less time if
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techniques click on the link below in the description that’s where you’re
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you’re really going to enjoy it will speak soon

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