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How to get the career development that you want

So I read an interesting stat recently
and it was from the manpower group and it said that 79% of Millennials said the
opportunity to learn new skills is an important factor to them when deciding
where to apply for work and that 78% would switch jobs to learn new skills
even if the pay was exactly the same now I know that there’s a lot of
conversations going on at the moment in boards about retaining Millennials is it
simply because we’re not giving them enough opportunities to learn?
learning is a huge factor for Millennials, so Career Development is one of the biggest drivers it’s also the want for flexibility as well
okay and it’s looking at more like a work-life integration approach rather
than your typical you know we always just got work/life
balance right now we’re struggling to even find any form of balance
and look at the ownership is on the Millennials themselves – you know I’m
always an advocate for the fact that as an individual you can’t just
rely on the company to provide you with all the training development just because you want it. You have to be in the driver’s seat and so if learning and
development and career development is super important to you, you need to table
that conversation when you manager so that they understand what’s actually in
your head. yes. at the workplace we have these silent
conversations where we’re angry with each other and no one knows why because no one’s actually verbalized what’s going on. So take control. yeah taking
responsibility and then getting clear on what it is that you
want for yourself on an individual level because if you’re not clear no one else
can support you and no one else is going to help you to get there so it’s really
getting clear about you know what you want and you might get some support
in getting clear the first place but then it’s also you know having those
conversations with your manager or with your leadership team to say all right
here he is ideally you know where I’d like to go here’s what I’d like to you
know bring to this organization and the value that I’d like to bring and what
I’d like to work on and talk about some of the options about
ways that you can support each other to get there – it’s a two way street.

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