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How to Kickstart Your Software Engineering Career

Hi, I’m Mayuko, I’m a Software Engineer
living in the San Francisco Bay Area AKA Silicon Valley and I make youtube
videos about my life as a Software Engineer! We need software engineers now more than ever, to push forward the technological
bounds to unlock the potential of humanity and improve society. We’re using technology to communicate across geographical boundaries with loved ones;
we’ve been reexamining ourselves in how we relay credible and factual
information for everything from local to global scale news. And people are living
longer thanks to advances in medical technology and countless lives are being
saved from technology that has been made to be more readily accessible. And due to
the great potential of technology, the tech industry is booming but studies
have shown that there aren’t nearly enough software engineers to fill the
demand of the industry. There has been a huge effort on educating more folks on
learning how to code to fill this gap. There are tons of amazing tutorials and
books out there about the technical aspects of being a software engineer, so
I wanted to make one that talks about the more nuanced, human aspects of
succeeding as a software engineer. This new video series is called How to Kickstart Your Career in Software Engineering. This series is designed for
you folks who are just starting out in your career; maybe you just graduated
from a bootcamp and you’re about to start your first full time role, or maybe
you just finished a degree and you’re stepping into the industry as a
full-timer. Starting a new career can be super scary though and I want you to
feel confident and supported in the first couple of months at your new job.
So in this series, I’m going to guide you from your first day on the job and then
help you navigate the waters through the first few months of your job. We’ll do
this by talking about how to have a fruitful relationship with other people
on your team, by exploring the world of networking, and by understanding how to
have a healthy relationship with your work. As a software engineer for the last
five years, I’ve used the tips we’re going to talk about every new job I
start. Of course, how you apply these tips will differ based on the type of
software engineering job and what part of the industry you work in. However this
series is designed for a general software engineering audience so I hope
that you find most of the content useful. Now, it’s honestly not an understatement
that y’all are going to play a key part in changing the world. You have SO much
say and what gets made and how it gets made and I want you to do so well and
feel empowered to be great! So I hope you like this series and without further ado,
Let’s freaking do this. you

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