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How To List A Self-Employment Project In My Resume?

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from I got this question about resumes and careers,
experience. I thought this was a good one, kind of a unique
thing. I don’t think I’ve encountered this before. He says, “The only thing that’s been holding
me back is my actual professional experience in software development. I have no idea what else I can do to get around
this catch 22 of not having experience. I had a resume professionally written to highlight
my abilities in the best light as possible. I was also wondering how I could list my current
lottery application that I developed as a professional experience on my resume. I have no idea how I can list it as an actual
job since I have no legal entity/employer to associate this project to.” I think I might have cut off a little bit
of that email, but I’ll translate it here. Basically he said he’s in this position
where he’s got this application he’s been working on and he got his resume professionally
written but he wrote the application for himself, some lottery application and he wants to know
how he could—essentially it’s an ethical question. Can I put that on my resume? Or even how could I put that on my resume
because I didn’t work for someone, what company did I work for? So this is a good one. I have talked about doing mobile development. I think you can probably find one of my videos
where I talked about why mobile development is so good. I talked about in this the concept that I’m
going to highlight here which is that one of the nice things that you can do today as
a software developer working by yourself is you can just start a company. The company doesn’t necessarily have to
be profitable but you can sell something in the app store or you can sell something in
the store and that’s a company. So many people think so much inside the box
they’re like, “Well, it’s got to be some other employer. I can’t be my own employer.” Well yeah, you can be more than self-employed. You can actually have a company and work for
that company and be a developer on that company and you can put that on your resume. When you get into the interview you’re not
going to lie. If they say, “Hey, what is this company? Is this your own company? Did anyone else work there?” You’re going to say, “Yeah. No, it was just me and I built this app but
I was selling it commercially” or “I was trying to build a software company. I decided that I wanted to go work for someone
else instead.” You’re going to be honest about it but it’s
how that you frame things that makes a huge difference in life. The same truth can be framed in a different
way. It’s one thing to say, “Oh, this was just
some project I worked on by myself.” Well, okay, that’s one way of putting it,
but can you frame it in a better way? Can you say, well I was—obviously you were
developing this application for a reason but can you say, “I was building my own company
and this was the app that I was building at that company and I was the lead developer
and architect on this project.” That’s a much better way to frame it. Yes, you can put this on your resume but you
just come up with a company name and put that there and be honest when you get into an interview. This is going to help you get your foot in
the door more because that resume is going to show that experience. That’s how I would play this. Again, it’s up to you what you feel comfortable
doing. I would probably—for those of you that are
listening that are thinking about this situation or they’re working on something now, plan
this ahead. Actually create an LLC or create your company
and actually put it for sale even if you don’t sell whatever your building so that it is
a little bit more legitimate rather than going after the fact and reframing the story I would
try to do this upfront. Any time you’re working on something, why
not? If you don’t have a job right now you should
have a company so that you can list it on your resume and you can be building something
for that company. It doesn’t have to make money. Don’t think so much inside the box. Think outside of the box. The world is not all these rules and what
you think you have to do, it doesn’t work that way in reality. There’s a lot more options than the straight
forward path that everyone thinks that you have to go on. There’s a lot of exceptions to the rules. Anyway, hopefully that helps you. If you have a question for me, email me at
[email protected] and I would love to answer your question. I can’t answer them all. Sometimes it takes me a year, to be honest
with you, but the shorter and more specific your question is the more likely that I’m
going to answer it and do a video. Anyway, if you like this video, subscribe
to the channel and I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.

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