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How to Make a Big Career Change When You’re Afraid You’ll Fail

Get over there. Stay where you belong. You too. I don’t want no crap out of you guys. Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching
MarieTV, the place to be to create a business and life you love. Now, if you’ve been thinking of making a
major change in your life but the fear of failure is holding you back, I really think
you’re gonna love today’s show. This question is from Regani who writes: “Hi, Marie. I’m 32, recently divorced, and a mother
of a wonderful 3 and a half year old boy. I’ve been working in the health insurance
field for over 5 years now. I work alongside nurses and hearing them talk
about their cases and reviewing charts has made me want to go into the field of nursing. The biggest thing that’s holding me back
is fear of failure. I’m afraid I won’t have the motivation
to keep up with studying and would fail at my classes. I’m hoping that you can guide me in the
right direction. Thank you for all you do.” Regani, this is a great question. You know, fear of failure is one of the most
common, if not the biggest dream killers of all time. So you are not alone, my friend. But if you’re serious about turning this
beautiful dream into a reality, which I think you are, there are 2 things that I want you
to do. Number one, follow your fear. Look, it’s totally ok to be afraid. All it means is you’re about to do something
really brave and important to you. It means that you’re about to do something
that’s going to force you to grow as a human. So don’t resist it. I want you to embrace it. I want you to follow it. Because here’s the thing that most people
don’t realize, fear is often instructive and it is directive. Really. It’s like a GPS for our souls want us to
go. Now, if you haven’t seen this episode right
over here, my friend, I want you to watch it right after this one. Now, let’s move on and talk about your fear
of failure, which is honestly something that we can neutralize right now. Because I guarantee this, you will have stumbles
and missteps. I mean, all of us do. We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human. But here’s the truth, you can only truly
fail if you stop trying, if you stop growing, if you stop learning. So I want to invite you to use a little mantra
to help free yourself from this fear of failure. This is something I use in my life every single
day and it goes like this: I win or I learn, but I never lose. In other words, no matter what happens, no
matter what goes down, what mistakes you make, you can always choose to get back up, to learn
something from it, to get stronger, to move ahead, whatever that may look like. Nothing has to take you down unless you let
it. Number two is work your why. So if you really want to make this career
change happen, and I know you can do this, Regani, you’ve got to get emotionally connected
to why this dream is important to you. You’ve got to keep it front and center every
single day because, as you know, making this happen, it’s just not going to be easy. I mean, nothing that’s worth it ever is. But if you stay really present to the emotional
heart based reasons why this change is so important to you, you are going to find the
strength to cross that finish line. I guarantee it. So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take out a piece of paper and
write down all of the reasons why this is important and what impact becoming a nurse
is going to have on yourself, is going to have on your son, is going to have on the
patients you take care of? I mean, think about this: what is this going
to mean to your family? What’s it gonna mean emotionally and financially
and spiritually? Who are you going to become by making this
a reality? When I sat down and I was thinking about this
for you, I actually imagined you might say things like “I’ll become more focused,
I’ll become more resilient, I’ll become a better role model for my son, I’ll become
a woman who’s even more confident and more capable, I’ll become a woman who is using
my heart and my gifts and my talents and skills to make a difference to others.” And I bet one of your big why’s, Regani,
is your son. So I want you to use that leverage on yourself,
get a beautiful picture of him, and put it right on your list of why’s, and I want
you to look at that list and his picture every single day. Look at it when you’re setting up your schedule
to take your classes, look at it whenever things get really hard and difficult and you’re
tired and you want to quit. Because I’ve gotta tell you, your son is
learning so much from you right now. He’s learning it energetically and emotionally,
and you’re going to teach him either by example to be brave and go for your dreams
or you’re going to teach him to let fear win. Now, I know this is a really big choice, Regani. You can’t make this lightly. And if I could leave you with anything today
it would be this quote from Nelson Mandela and, yes, it’s a tweetable. May your choices reflect your hopes, not your
fears. That was my A to your Q, Regani, I really,
really hope it helps. And now I would love to hear from you. I want you to tell me, is there some dream
that you’ve been putting off because you’re afraid that you might lose motivation or somehow
let yourself down? I think all of us have that, right? Well, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to tell me one big emotional heart
centered why that could actually help you keep going. Leave a comment below and let all of us know. Now, as always, the best conversations happen
after the episode over at, so head on over there and leave your comment
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dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll
catch you next time on MarieTV. B-School is coming up. Want in? For more info and free training go to Who doesn’t like just a slight little on their
bum? Just a slight from someone you know and love
and trust. Well sometimes you’re in trouble, if you
trust the person you have a safe word and it’s a whole thing. We’re going there today on MarieTV. Your standards way too high, we need to cut
it. Always dropping in with, like, a really quick
wisdom bomb. Because I’m a professional.

60 Replies to “How to Make a Big Career Change When You’re Afraid You’ll Fail”

  • I made that big career leap about 6 months ago but sometimes I still struggle with self-doubt. I want to spend less time being afraid that I made the wrong choice, and more time committing to growing where I am now.

  • Great one Marie!

    Simple things but it is sometimes difficult to apply them.

    Do what is hard and your life will be simple or do what is simple and your life will be hard.

    At the end, we are all going to die, so why not trying to accomplish our dreams and to leave the crowd.

    You win or you learn. Time will pass anyways…

  • I want to be a chef/baker and I want to have my own resto cafe someday (maybe even a bed-and-bfast, or a resort) but I'm scared of taking the leap. But my fiance inspires me to chase after my dream and I'm going to do it because I want to be true to myself and I don't want to live my life wondering why I never pursued what will really make me happy.

  • I'm a woman in tech and one of my dreams is to develop my own app. As a single mom what motivated me in college was my son but now that i think about it I think I will be using my mom for motivation. I really want to buy her dream house. she deserves it for supporting me so much. .but again I keep sabotaging opportunities. why do we do this?!!! 😧 augh

  • Great video. Love you Marie. some feedback for you. What if career change is to support who you ALREADY are, not about becoming? I am working two careers to build a new one for full time and it really is allowing myself to be who I am. Sure, there is plenty to learn and improve but the point in a new career is to allow a part of you to blossom. 🙂

  • @marieforleo and the team
    This is such an important topic and I love that you have tackled this issue today.
    Fear of Failure is something that holds all of us back but it's important to tackle this and redefine what failure really is. Failure is just another way of learning.
    Failure should not be something we tie to our self worth or value.
    Emotional connection to why you are doing what you are doing is so important, as it will push you past every obstacle.
    Enable yourself with the right mindset, the right people and the right environment!

  • I have been in Administration for the past 10 years.
    This January I started back at school for Welding, and it has been terrifying but so humbling too. However I've been struggling and questioning myself and my choice
    This message has been exactly what I've needed – Thank You!

  • Absolutely what I needed to watch, right now, right at this minute. Thank you Marie, you've saved my mental state so many times!

  • Marie, this hit so close to home for me! I'm looking to make drastic changes to my life in order to free myself from a job that is truly draining but around every cornerI feel fear. There is that sense that I'm not good enough. That what I have to offer this world isn't worthy. But what I've come to realize is in order for me to grow I sometimes need to LEAN into the FEAR. Because it is a there that I've experienced the biggest growth! Thank you for this Marie!

  • My Dream of becoming a filmmaker. For some reason, I just feel that I am not good enough and what I have done isn't good enough. My why is my family, I want to be able to give them a better life!

  • My biggest dream Marie, is to visit (and eventually immigrate) the big US. I am a South African woman with a longing for life outside of my own closed-off country. I have always had this dream. All the time I will be part of a moment where someone else will go abroad; may it be for holiday, or business or even starting a new life across the ocean and I will think: "What about me? When will I have this opportunity? Will it EVER become my reality? Do I dream silly and unimportant dreams for it to ever realize? What did they do; who do they know for them to have MY dream become part of their life…? etc. I might sound very selfish, but I never mean it in this light. Maybe my dream might become true, or never become true, but I will always dream to have the blue, red and white blowing through my hair! TY for this amazing video, it inspires me to not give up just yet.

  • Marie, how do you deal with giving yourself a reward after working hard? I know there are not set limits but sometimes I tend to over-reward myself and I never know when to stop! Thanks, Emily.

  • I SO NEEDED THIS ONE….. I ALWAYS say this when I'm watching every video of yours… OMG………….!! You made me take the decision I'm putting off for months n months n months….. I t was not easy.. But, I'm fully determined to make it and work it.. LOVE YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE TEAM SO MUCH ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Love this video topic Marie! I made a career change a few years ago from working in corporate communications and marketing to running my own business in the wellness industry as a Mindset Coach & Kinesiologist… I had to go back to school and take it one step at a time. But the journey has been worth it because I am now doing something I genuinely love. I had to ask myself, if I got to my deathbed and I DIDN'T pursue my dream, would I be ok with it? The answer was no, so I made sure to do whatever it takes to bring my dream to life.

  • Fear and also money stops me. Going to back to school for my dreams means possibly getting into debt im not yet ready for. Still paying on my last debt 😣

  • It is that and more. Its funny how a few days ago I was so happy because I decided to open an Etsy shop and I got so scared when I read that I had to fill taxes. I dont own a big company , i make everything from my house I dont have no one that helps me. I am a single mom and a student. I am terrified of not making a profit. How am I gonna think of taxes right now ? I just deleted all the items in my shop and now Im lost … 😣 Its overwhelming because I havent even started yet

  • I actually recently told my husband (who is my motivator!) that he opened my eyes that I can still study. So this video is exactly at the right time for me. I just 'found out' that it's still possible to go for a different career or expand my career by going back to school. I have been working for 10 years now, and it finally hit me. I can make the choice! Thank you for your video, to give me that extra push in the right direction 🙂

  • I quit my stable, corporate job to become an actress recently. I'm in my late twenties and keep getting told that if you don't make it by 30, it's just not going to happen. I think the danger for me is all or nothing thinking. Either I fail or succeed, which is the worse. I'm using the mantra: focus on progress, not perfection to get me through this career change.

  • My personal "Why": I want to love my everyday life. Working towards my goals, actively creating my life makes me love each of my days here on earth.

  • Hi Marie!!! I´m a brazilian Life Coach woman, who is in love with your contents a long time from now, but today is a special day, because I really decided to go on the direction of my dream with everything that I have. You inspired me! The fear wont command my life anymore ever. That said… I want to make you a question!!!
    How you began? What was your first steps to build your empire?
    Thank you with all my heart!!!

  • for me the fear is money. My dream is to work partime but i worry that the country i want to move to wont have the opportunities and if they did, doing it alone and being my own boss scares me.

  • I want to tell you that are amazing Marie, i am from Mozambican asnd working in Zimabe as a SAP Consultant , but its something that i dont enjoy doing. I always dreamed of oppeneing my own Consulting Agency , but never had strenght or someone to motivate me but after seeing this video you gave me all the reasons to belive in myself… im now following my dream. Thanks to you

  • Hello, I'm Ruchi From Himachal, India. I'm a 32 years old wannabe journo who scared of expressing herself and feel lost for words when I try to do so. I feel blank. I feel I have no views but I should have – to be a part of the profession I want to be in. HELP. Regards.

  • 370 to 199…and "Warrior Dash" competitor/eventually Ironman triathlete…Scary journey…My why? My health…and a chance to inspire others to be their best!

  • I love this sentiment so much! I think it's something that we can all benefit from tremendously even if we aren't yet seeking a change.

  • Can anyone else see how Marie resembles a (beautiful!!) cocker spaniel? Lol. Hear me out. It's her eyes, her thick, wavy hair, her calm demeanor – and she even wags her bum when she's happy. It's like she has the energy of a wise, helpful pup. Do you see it? I'm laughing right now because I know this sounds ridiculous, but, Marie, I think your spirit animal is a cocker spaniel.

  • This was beautiful and helped me out. I'm put a picture of my daughter in my Y's.
    I want to start a business.

  • For candidates from unrelated professional backgrounds, there will be qualification gaps.
    However, keep in mind that few job candidates meet 100% of every single desired qualification. Many employers would rather hire someone who’s a 80-90% fit, but has great enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
    So don’t be intimidated at the thought of being less than 100% qualified. Focus on showing your strengths and abilities in the most compelling way possible. Your enthusiasm and bravery in switching fields will come through in your cover and resume, and lead you straight to the interview.
    Found this great resume writer who helped me with my transition. In the end it comes down to your resume and cover letter.

  • Good morning and thank you for this amazing episode. I am 51 years old I’ve been married for 22 years I have two boys 18 and 21. My love and ultimate goal and dream in life is to be a singer musician but my wife doesn’t want me doing anything with it. All I do is think about that song writing or thinking or performing. If I have to pursue my dream then she doesn’t want to be with me,Makes me feel guilty to leave my kids because of my ambition. Would it be selfish of me to pursue that and be happy whatever life I have left or just be miserable at my job and keep my marriage

  • This spoke to me! Took me awhile to change my career because of the same exact fears this person has. At age 35 I decided to become a nurse. I’m currently in my second year of taking prerequisites and preparing to take the HESI to get into the nursing program for next year. I was scared of taking chem but I’m getting an A. Get out of your comfort zone and just do it. Forget your fears and and go for it and remember your “whys”. Also, this a something I don’t share with everyone, just my tight circle of friends only because I know they support me. I find that other people can sway you from achieving your dreams.

  • Love this!! I'm in the middle of a career change and I've been afraid of finding my next steps because I've had several bad experiences with toxic work environments and just jobs that weren't the right fit for me. Just listening to how you describe taking on the fears is really helpful!

  • Don't worry about others – don't compare your progress with that of others.
    No matter how successful you are, there will be someone else who, to you,
    looks like she's got it made – who looks like she's getting where you want
    to go faster and easier than you are. Maybe she is. Maybe she isn't. Who
    cares? Focus on your own achievements. Work to develop your skills and
    talents to their full potential. Compete with yourself – your short-term
    goals should be based on today's accomplishments. If you have reached
    Point A today, make Point B your next objective – improve yourself and
    don't worry about the other guy.

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